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South Indian Actors in Politics; UK Bans Uber; Jack Ma Promises Moon; Booze & Aadhar; Tim Cook on Social Issues; Faux pas by Rahul Gandhi

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Here are six news last week that caught the attention of our columnist, Shail. She verses about two prominent South Indian actors rooting for Arvind Kejriwal and PM Narendra Modi. Uber is banned in the UK, Jack Ma, a Trump supporter, promises the moon to Americans. If you are in a pub in Hyderabad be sure to carry your Aadhar Card – it’s linked to boozing too. CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, raises his voice on social issues in the US, while Rahul Gandhi commits another faux pas at Princeton University. Read more in the regular column, exclusively in Different Truths.

 Political Fish to Fry 

From time immemorial, it seems

film stars are political back-up gleams

to woo a star-struck stupid crowd

unable to differentiate

between a happy veil and a death shroud.

No wonder then,

AAP’s Kejriwal dates Kamal Hassan

while Rajinikanth tweets to Modi.

Every political party wanting to win their chip

in the forthcoming election with a celebrity roadie.

(In)famous for actors ruling the state

partisan groups now trawling for big fish on their plate.

Let’s watch who seduces whom.

Either way, it’s going to be a political drama boom.


 Uber Barred 

While Uber has a field day in Indian cities                       

London not so comfy

with a taxi service, it deems unfit

unleashing security hassles

for the public.

With license lying low


people affected, government defiant

Uber drivers caught between a rock and hard place,

moaning their predicament

while I book an Uber instrument

of travel to reach my destination.


 Alibaba’s Jackanapes 

Scientists, engineers, and businessmen

not my type, he says

for they only scare others about technology.

How impertinent can they be

when here I am bending over backward

to use my ‘Trump’ card to slip in,

to make a market for

Alibaba’s online caves in the US?

Artificial intelligence only a reality,

not a panic pen, he says.

A million jobs in the US he promises

hoodwinking even the trump(ster) as he admonishes.


 Drinking Aadhar 

Didn’t know that the Aadhar Card

was a multi-tasker biggie.

Are you by chance in Hyderabad?

Yes? Good.

Your throat parched?
A bar inviting?

Yes? Natural.

Do you have an Aadhar Card?

No? That’s bad.

Telangana admin is strict with the Bar Aadhar rule-

You cannot visit a bar to drink, no longer cool.

So, diligently follow Modi’s laws.

Get an Aadhar card and head for the bars.

Once you are sloshed out

try tracing that Aadhar card to checkout

Can’t find the way?

Didn’t you link it with your family’s daily buffet?


 All Immigrants Here

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook

has an immigrant support book,

nay, a dictionary that traces

the roots of all those

who came to America

by chance, for hope.

Immigrants make the nation

like we did, he says.

They have been following laws

for years, not just fraudulent days.

They the smart workers of Apple

and now, with their lives, you want to grapple?

Against American ethics, he states

but, will Trump listen?

Or, a new breed of Americans christen?


Rahul’s Confession at Princeton 

Now, that the Prince is ready to take over

a party rich with political history,

low in demeanour and direction

Rahul Gandhi heads to Princeton

to motivate students,

to enlighten them

about what India is really about.

Unwittingly, unhurriedly

not realising the goof-up

he talks about the failure

of the party, he belonged to-

unemployment the cause to rue.

The Congress caused the reason

for leaders like Modi and Trump

to triumph, he says.

Rahul ready now for an Indian show!

©Shail Raghuvanshi 

Photos from the Internet

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