PMS Flays Govt., Protest Atrocities against Women

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flayed the for unleashing on them, in nearby  district, in the name of cleaning Ganga. In five villages goons and police attack their dignity when they go to the fields to answer nature’s call. Toilets exist only on paper. They demanded that the DM should inaugurate these ghost toilets himself.

Members of Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan (PMS), Kaushambi shall hold a  demonstration, on Tuesday (May 31), at Chail tehsil, at 11am, to oppose the atrocities on women by village toughs when women go for daily chores in the name of making 5 villages as ‘Nirmal’ and ‘Clean Ganga’ plan. They shall raise the issue of allotted toilets being completed on paper only, the ghost toilets; lack of water in Ganga during summer months, and blaming people for dirtying it. They demanded the DM to come and inaugurate these ghost toilets.

PMS demanded that each married couple in villages be given 200 yards housing plots and Rs. 10 lakh for construction and water be released from Tehri dam into the river, rather than sell it in to big corporates for profits.

PMS has attacked the government’s and has said people’s’ ration has been reduced to only 5 kg in the name of Adhar cards, which the has said is not compulsory. This, it says, is an attack on women and children and ration should be given on Ration cards, the cards should be updated and each cardholder should get 50 kg food grain, 3 kg sugar, 3 kg oil and 5 kg pulses.

Similarly, it has attacked the Central government for paying next to nothing to women  in health and education schemes and has demanded Rs 500, per day, for school assistants and Anganawadi and Rs 18,000, government’s minimum wages for Asha .

For security of livelihood it has demanded renewal of pattas and new allotments in riverbed land to the poor and raising of all government plans to Rs 3000 per month, as Rs 300 is too low.

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