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Padmavati Priorities, Let us Talk 3-D Sanskrit, Cancer Sins, and Going Back Home

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What would be the fate of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film on Padmavati? Claims and counter-claims galore, a section of the Hindus are enraged about Padmavati meeting Khilji, which they feel is not true. Anurakthi is the world’s first Sanskrit film in 3D that is being showcased in the IFFI at Panaji, Goa. Cancer is caused by sins of the past lives says the Assam health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, shocking one and all. Recently, Myanmar and Bangladesh signed a MoU for the return home of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees who fled to the neighbouring country to escape an army crackdown. This is blatant Human Rights violation. Shail features four news in the week that was, in the regular column, exclusively for Different Truths.

Padmavati Priorities


Rights encroached upon;

the artist deprived of freedom

of expression, of the entitlement

to be creative, imaginative

without ‘hurting the sentiments’

of people concerned,

living or dead,

important or not.

But, what about the layman,

the farmer who dies a dry death

every day, digging his grave

in the fields that fail his expectations?

What about the families that depend

on the pastures for food, for survival?

Would a movie compensate their pain?

Would it bring about any gain

to fill heart gaps within

for no ardent mistake or sin?

Media, artists cry from rooftops

about creative expression molested.

Politicians, the so-called protectors

of tradition, culture chip in

to torment,

to cross lakshman rekhas of decency

their cultural upbringing

has taught them!

Where are the voices

when we need them the most,

to save farmers from burning lives like toast.

Padmavati got her due-

respect from innumerable admirers all over.

At least now, let’s take the cue-

to realize what is important –

Entertainment or life!

Creativity or a poor farmer’s strife!



Let us Talk 3-D Sanskrit


For a language almost dead

in the country of its origin,

an honourable pleasure to hear

world’s first 3D movie to be showcased

in a film festival in Goa.

Sanskrit, spoken in slokas.

Sanskrit, its value being recognized

in nations abroad, outside India

now a picture story with a plot,

a 2000 year old dance form in Kerala.

How much more we can do

to promote the language of the gods-

a language from which originate

so many dialects of the world.

Director Asokan Ponnan, hats off to you,

to the team which enriched the belief

that Sanskrit still syncs with the world.

Cancer Sins


‘Divine justice’ he calls it,

an Assamese Health Minister

consoles the public in his spearhead speech

salt on wound, a hurting leech.

Maybe, he knows not

what it is to suffer sinking symptoms

of a disease that has eaten up lives

of millions across the globe.

Who is he to cast aspersions in his superficial moral robe?

Maybe, it was his past ‘karmic deficiency’

that provoked him to say so

just to make him suffer a bad karmic birth dough.

Insensitivity, a meek word for the assumption

so cruelly, so casually made.

Have people like him never ever prayed?

True or not, wrong or right

who are we to judge sitting upright?


Going Back Home

Houses torched, homes destroyed

Now attempting a comeback

with a deal signed.

Lives uprooted,

a race raised to the ground

now security, nation, law bound.

Will it compensate the harm done

of ethnic cleansing via barrel n’ gun?

Yet, an attempt has been made

albeit a huge price having been paid

for the Rohingya race.

Hope this time the Myanmar government

calls it a truce,

puts common sense, sensitivity to good use.

Rohingyas now returning home

wishing for a house, an identity, not a torture dome.


©Shail Raghuvanshi

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