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Mr. Pradhan Sewak – Can we Stop This Sham

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A tongue-in-cheek political commentary, talking of the time past and time present, by Dr. Kulmeet, exclusively for Different Truths.

As I begin to write about the most vocal, and consequently, the most failed governance, I must write about the Nehru-Gandhi’s claim to their ascendancy from the grassroots to the level they rose to.

Nehru was in jail for a total of 10 years during the freedom struggle. He wrote to his daughter about the historical greats from the prison. Educating her. Indira Gandhi was in and out of jail. In fact, six months after their marriage both Indira and Feroze were in separate jails.

While Nehru anguished over the limit of brutality … little children are butchered in the streets. He spoke thus about the partition and the ensuing riots. Indira worked tirelessly in the refugee camps.

Then there is this PS (Pradhan Sewak) whose claim to fame is Godhra riots and adjusting Advani’s chair during the BJP meetings and serving him tea. His most publicised public service. A Young Turk of 22 years yelps about being imprisoned during the Emergency. He gains ascendancy by his polished yelping and lands up with two important portfolios, mainly because he is useless – he can’t win his elections. The great man of Godhra likes that. He doesn’t like Rajnath, Sushma, Advani, Murli and develops a sudden dislike for Yogi Adityanath – till he prostrates himself at the feet of the master. Yogi gets the requisite funds to develop his math at Gorakhpur. But, now he needs to buck up his hoodlums in view of the loss in the recent by-elections in Uttar Pradesh.

Nehru strained physically and mentally to establish India as a constitutional, secular democracy. Contemporarily what we are witnessing is the exact opposite.

No lure, no machinations, cruel (Vyapam), financial (Goa, Uttarakhand, etc), immoral and unethical are wrong enough for our great leader of the masses to win the 2019 elections.

A few cow killing infidels, a few riots are good enough to polarise the country and win elections.

Damn the country, Sir.

This country and its great residents may not like this damning though. Demonetisation and GST –much revised, much messed around with because they were ill-conceived, maybe because the man entrusted with its nitty-gritty reached his level of incompetence rather rapidly – it may not be the panacea. It might actually be a poison for the masses.

The great Ram Mandir can go this far and no further.

The poor man has to think about his next meal. The lower-middle-class hustled into poverty is gasping for breath. This cannot be assuaged by mindless rhetoric.

Remember that Haskar coined Indira slogan “Garibi Hatao”, won Indira the 1971 elections with 362 seats, routed the syndicate, as Kamaraj and gang were called. It put an end to Morarji Desai’s ambitions. She became the unchallenged leader. Won the 1971 war and became a Goddess.

She fell down so badly that she had to impose an emergency in 1975, after four years.

Shift to 2018.

The similarities are so easy to see especially when all that the government has shown is ineptitude.

Probably more Godhras might be in the offing or a Vyapam at a pan-India level.

Polarisation and fear psychosis. Yes, that may be the way.

But is that the way forward, Sir?

©Dr. Kulmeet Singh Soin

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