Congress Roadshow to Change Paradigm Before Assembly Elections

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Inspite of its weaknesses, the Congress seems to be very enthusiastic because the state has growing dissatisfaction against the ruling BJP. The farmers of the state are agitating. Contract workers are also angry with the government. A report for Different Truths. 

Congress remaining out of power in the state for last 15 years, is now adopted the strategy of “do or die”. The Congress party, which has been consistently sluggish, has been appearing to be very energetic from the last few months. In this regime, Congress has organized a mega road show in Bhopal. Congress national president Mr. Rahul Gandhi joined the Congress Sankalp Yatra and dialogue with party workers in Bhopal to formally launch the election campaign for upcoming elections in Madhya Pradesh. With the slogan of “Waqt hai badlav ka” (it’s time for change) on every banner & poster, the Congress party is trying to overcome internal dispute and change the state leadership.

Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow lasted for more than 4 hours. Congress gave it the name of Sankalp Yatra. After the roadshow, the national president had addressed party worker’s although it seems to be more like a general public meeting. The road show and dialogue filled the party worker’s with enthusiasm. During his speech, Rahul Gandhi had made an attack on both State as well as Central Government. He reiterated that the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister has made about 20,000 different promises but still unable to provide employment to the people. He made sarcastic remark that if Congress came in power, it will not allow the culprits of vyapam scams or e-tendering scam to run away like Vijay Mallya. In again commented that Madhya Pradesh has become number one in – unemployment, corruption, rape and exploitation. One the one hand, Prime Minister announces fakes promises and the same is repeated here. He attached on the Central government on the issues of black money, Rafael deal, Mallya’s escape to London etc. He observed that Congress will fight the polls in united manner and will definitely defeat the ruling BJP.

He stated that it’s a favourable time for bringing change in the state. On the one side State government failed on various fronts and Central government on the other fronts. In such circumstances, serious efforts by the Congress can change the scenario in the State. It was not the fact that there were no political issues during 2008 or 2013 assembly elections, however, Congress neither properly attempted to raise those issues nor made united efforts to win elections against BJP. In 2008, when the BJP was in the electoral fray, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh was on target for the Dumpar issue. But by then he succeeded to establish his popularity among the masses. In such a scenario, the scattered Congress could not stand before BJP’s strategists and Shivraj’s popularity. Then came the election of 2013. That time, it was once again felt that people wanted to bring change. But with the active presence of the BJP at the grassroots and the boosted morale of the workers, the Congress once again seemed to be scattered. Then also Shivraj was at the apex in the umbrella of BJP and during that various rallies and visits were organized to eliminate the anger among the party men.

From 2004 to 2013, the Congress-led UPA government was in the center. In this way, all the veteran leaders of the state were handling the ministry in the Congress government at the Center, but they never gave serious attention towards the state. There silence sharpened factionalism in the state. Every leaders with their supporters formed groups in their own areas. Talking about reconciliation between them was a distance dream when they were even started hesitating to share common forum.  In such a way, the path for the BJP was automatically turned easier. But now the the situation has turned differently. There is no Congress government in the center. The Congress is shrinking down throughout the country. And Lok Sabha elections will also be also to be held next year. In such a situation, assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Mizoram have a lot of significance for Congress. National Congress along with the state Congress is also taking the elections of these states very seriously. It is because of this that Rahul Gandhi applauded that the Congress will fight the polls together in united manner and will beat the BJP. But after all attempts, the Congress goes mistaken on some points. In the publicity campaign of the Sankalp Yatra, the cut-outs of the former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh did not find place, whereas the pictures of all other senior leaders were there . Digvijay Singh also seemed to be angry on this. Then state Congress chief Kamal Nath apologized for the blunder from Digvijay Singh.

Inspite of its weaknesses, the Congress seems to be very enthusiastic because the state has growing dissatisfaction against the ruling BJP. The farmers of the state are agitating. Contract workers are also angry with the government. The Chief Minister’s Jan Ashirvad Yatra is not getting good response as was seen last time. Increasing inflation and unemployment have made the public angry with the Center. In such a situation, the BJP is not taking the Congress lightly as was in the previous elections, especially, when the Congress has won in the recent by-elections. 

Raju Kumar 
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