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A Child murdered in Ryan; Tom Alter Fights Cancer; Sasikala Ousted; Blast in London Tube and Rohingya Refugees

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This week, Shail recasts five major events in the week that was in verse. A seven-year-child was brutally murdered in Ryan International School, Gurgaon, actor Tom Alter fights Cancer, Sasikala was ousted from her party in Tamilnadu, a blast in London tube injured many as terrorism raised its ugly head once again and the plight of Rohingya refugees. Read these in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths.

Ryan Kills a Dandelion

The boy, a child all of seven;                                                          

What did he do

to deserve an untimely barbaric death?

Do children even envisage a demise brutal like this?

For them life is fun, no worries, trusting, full of bliss.

Hadn’t the murderer been a child too

once upon a time?

Then, how could he commit

such a dastardly crime?

Accusations abound,

responsibility blame game flies in the air.

Ryan school is put on radar-

hurt, anger, anxiety everywhere.

Parents of the slain child

snatched of their only joy,

their reason to live,

their hope for a future

now, non-existent, lifeless!


With You Tom Alter

The ‘blue-eyed saheb’

has donned on another role of late-

a patient he is now in real life

waging a war on stage4 skin cancer.

Grandson of Christian missionaries,

his persona speaks volumes

of his tryst with destiny-

an American’s Indian predestination.

More Indian than most ethnic Indians are;

a teacher, a journalist, a poet –

a multi-faceted star.

His white skin, those twinkling blue eyes

his only giveaway of his foreign origins.

His grasp of Indian culture,

tehzeeb’ so to say puts to shame

many a superficial Indian murmur.

A policeman, a British officer he has been

in innumerable plays and movies.

Today, as Tom Alter is in the midst of a new act

he did not want to enact

let’s all pray for the wellbeing of this wonderful man-

the ‘blue-eyed saheb’ star of the acting clan.


Sasikala Ousted

Even the grave was not spared

of her rendezvous with power.

Her villainous hands hit the slab

that separated her

from her once powerful companion,

enacting a Tamil ritual of avenge

Of loyalists of Pandya kings

to destroy the Cholas.

Who was she going to annihilate now

When he two leaves of the party’s symbol

EPS and OPS she had separated

had come back together

to throw her out of the rudderless AIADMK ship

under her leadership

which she ruled by proxy from Bengaluru prison.

Looks like Jayalalitha had

from the memorial risen!


Tenacious Twirl of Terror

Terror has no name, no shame.

It flows unabated in the blood

of innocent lives;

It flies unabashedly in the air

of vulnerable human existence.

Terror needs no cause, no reason.

It blatantly commits treason.

That’s why it recently targeted

a packed rush hour underground

commuter train in London

making an explosion in a carriage

setting it on fire, hurting people

who alarmed, disturbed,

anxious to save their lives

injuring themselves in the stampede



Condemnations hurled.

Yet another fracas of

terror’s tenacious tentacles twirled.


Rohingya Rues

Refugees in their own nation –

a terror tale, an ethnic cleansing

is the reported accusation.

Links with militants a possibility.

Neighbouring countries looking up to

India for support from terrorist outfits,

from a violent perforation of illegal immigrants.

Not inexperienced in the tales of woe,

of people abandoned, banned in their own land

forced to seek shelter in the largest, oldest

territory of democracy

already struggling to keep its ever-growing population

in control, making innumerable attempts

to stay united amidst diversity and terror.

Rohingya refugees a humanitarian cause

to fight for and yet,

a possible security crisis,

a probable insurgency.

A nation with people still dying hungry,

already burdened with a political bane-

a fight for survival flustering

with issues existing to abhor.

Do we really need another cause to fight for?

©Shail Raghuvanshi

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