125th Anniversary of Dr. BR Ambedkar: Seminar against Continuing Caste Atrocities

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Here’s a curtain raiser on the 125th anniversary of Dalit torchbearer, Dr BR Ambedkar. A seminar organised by the CPIML New Democracy shall discuss the continuing caste atrocities against the and pay tribute to Dr Ambedkar.

Allahabad Committee of CPIML New Democracy shall observe the 125th anniversary of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar. A seminar on the importance of fighting caste oppression shall be organised in GGM School, Gohania, Allahabad, on April 14, at 4 pm, according to a press release.

Dr. Ambedkar was a pioneer in the against caste oppression in India. Born in a Dalit family, son of an army soldier, he suffered immense hardships including severe caste discrimination. He recognised the issue of caste oppression and by launching struggles against it, he in turn gave it recognition. He rallied people to raise their voice for equal status and he motivated Dalits to reject land grants given in return for scavenging work. Dr. Ambedkar was a strong supporter of inter caste and struggled for equal ancestral for women, it was informed.

CPI (ML) shall discuss various forms of caste exploitation present in today including denial of land and house site rights, non-implementation of reservation in admissions,  and , non-implementation of welfare schemes and scholarships, discrimination in postings, court rulings, allotment of hostels, deliberate failing of Dalit students, work place harassment of Dalit women and Dalit employees, rape of Dalit women, public insults, etc. The seminar shall also discuss latest round of attacks on Dalit activists and progressive intellectuals, particularly in the universities by the Modi government in power in the centre. It is trying to impose on the nation a sectarian dictated by , which represents the crude code of conduct of caste and class based society, the release added.

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