100th Anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution on Nov. 7 This Year

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November 7 is the 100th anniversary of the great earth-shaking event of the Bolshevik Revolution, also known as the October Socialist Revolution of Russia, which advanced human society to take up the task of solving all economic, political and social inequalities. It based itself on the scientific theory of Socialism expounded by Marx and Engels that capitalist societies are riddled with crises of overproduction; that this leads to recession becoming a fetter on production; that these crises can and will inevitably be resolved only by the working class capturing power, taking over all means of production from the exploitative capitalist class and putting them in the service of the entire mankind. It thus further advanced productive forces to fulfill all material human needs, stated a media release of the AIKMS.

While the capitalists propagated and do propagate that the working class should not do politics and dream of running state power, the working class proved them wrong. They not only made the revolution, they set up a far superior form of democratic governance where the entire executive and judiciary in the state machinery was elected and made accountable to the people, with a right to recall, it was informed.

This historic task was performed by the Russian working class led by Lenin and Stalin, in 1917, and later on in China, under Mao, from 1949. They moved rapidly to wipe out the problems of capitalist production like unemployment, inflation, hunger, provided free health and education to all, ended corruption, lowered disparity in wages and ensured wages to politicians and officials at par with working class got, socialized domestic labour, ended inequality of women, national suppression. They also advanced those societies to very high levels of performance in all fields of human activity, science, production, education, sports, morality, etc., giving them high prestige throughout the world.

The restoration of capitalism in Russia and China, after the death of Stalin and Mao respectively, brought back capitalism and all problems of crises and inequality. Far from proving failure of socialism to solve problems of capitalism, it sets before us the task attaining a higher consciousness to combat capitalist restoration during the period of building socialism; to counter capitalist propaganda that a society without exploitation is impossible; to oppose capitalist ideology of private accumulation and promoting backwardness in masses to serve their interest; of dedicating ourselves to serve society and organise the revolutionary classes to make revolution. It sets before us the immediate patriotic task of freeing India from the clutches of MNCs, Imperialist institutions and their ‘dalals’ who loot our markets, cheap labour power and resources and of overthrowing semi-feudal ownership and backwardness, the release added.

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