Freedom! Woman, you hold your Key

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Mahima was inspired by her cousin to pen this poem. Most of the women are chained to their thoughts. They have to set their minds free first. A tribute to the women of this , on the I-Day, exclusively in Different Truths.


At the stroke of the hour,                            

This 15th August just raise the bar,

Unchain yourself, set yourself free,

O, Woman! Don’t try to be what you aren’t supposed to be.


No one but you holds yourself in captivity,

No one but only you can open up to Life’s beauty.

beckon you…I agree,

But make yourself too, a .


Don’t be a Hindu with eight hands,

To become a Superwoman under multiple brands.

The title is enticing and calls out to blend,

But stress, loneliness, isolation is all you get at the end.

You are born to live happy and stress-free,

So don’t try to be what you aren’t supposed to be.


Be anxious, be curious, be a hyper soul,

Diamond can’t be used where one needs the .

Reach out to make weaknesses your strength,

Your identity awaits you at an arm’s length.

Pick up the Quill, make your power

Educate women around you, let knowledge be a shower.

Give the unnecessary in life a rejection decree,

Dream to be, what you are supposed to be.


Broken heart or trust is a glass,

Marks stay behind even on mended brass,

So, high time, O Woman! Realise your own worth,

The World will bow to you, only if you unearth,

Wipe tears, attempt to fly till you succeed

Coz only with time a seed becomes Banyan tree,

So unlock your life, be its own key

Rise like a Phoenix, coz that’s what you are supposed to be.

©Mahima Sharma

Photos sourced by the poet from the Net.

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A science graduate from Delhi University and MA in Mass Communication, Mahima began her career with E-Lexicon PR & Mutual PR and Hindustan Times. Soon, ANI (a collaboration with Reuters) got her aboard, where she spread her wings in TV, Print & Digital Journalism. In 2010 Rajdeep Sardesai’s flagship primetime show gave her, a dream job at CNN-IBN. From May 2017, she is a freelance journalist. She is a poet and a Sufi at heart.