Let’s Bite in!

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An excellent photographer, Cholena gives invaluable tips for food photography for readers of Different Truths.

Food photography is more than clicking what’s on the table. Thanks to the social media and smartphones, food photography is becoming popular and you don’t even need an expensive camera to photograph food.

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts to make your pictures look professional and stand out from the crowd.

1. When it comes to food photography, lighting is very important. It creates magic and makes the food appetizing. So pay attention to lighting.

2. Switch off the flash and use natural light as much as possible.


3. Pay attention to the composition and framing. Take from the right angle. A unique composition and framing brings life into a monotonous shot.


4. A simple dish can look wonderful if presented well. But some subjects are simply not easy to photograph. Trust your instincts when the result is not working in your favour.


5. It is very important to know what to focus. Use selective focus when necessary, where one small part of the food will be in focus. There is a difference between out of focus and blurred pictures. So make sure your photographs are sharp.


6. Keep the background simple. Get rid of unwanted clutter.

7. Keep the subject simple. Sometimes the less the merrier.


8. Shoot raw food.


9 .Get rid of unwanted shadows.

10. Play with the contrast and textures and bump up the colours.


11. Sometimes you just have to get closer and fill the frame.


12. Serious creativity is important to make your photograph look interesting.

In short, food picture must make you feel hungry. It must make you want to bite in at the first glance!

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Cholena Nashan means Song Bird, which is supposed to be tiny and loud. Cholena is neither tiny nor loud. She is a very imaginative person, she loves to shoot, cook, eat, draw and paint . Not in that order always. Cholena is a health fanatic and allergic to serious situations, so she lives life her way. She resides in Bangalore with her family.