Baked and Quick Yummy Bengali Misti

Anumita tells us about easy and quick method to prepare baked Bengali sweets at home, in the regular column, exclusively for Different Truths.

Bengali and their sweet-tooth are synonymous. Misti is an integral part of their culture and custom. Born and married in a Bengali family let me nurture many sweet dishes.

In Kolkata, sweet shops in every nook and corner of the state leave no dearth of fabulous and various mistis. But of all the mistis, the Roshogolla and the Shondesh are the quintessential of Bengali sweets.

Both of these sweets are made of cottage cheese or chena. One is in a syrupy mix while the other one is essentially dry.

Today, we will be looking at two recipes which give a warm twist to these two favorites of Bengal. They are semi-homemade and so quick to make and satisfy the sweet tooth. Baked Shondesh and Baked Roshogolla are relatively new as they include baking instead of cooking.

These are perfect for dinner or lunch parties when there is a multitude of people to cook for. It can be made before time and refrigerated.

Baked Shondesh


Ricotta cheese 1 big jar / chena (boiled milk with a dash of lemon, and strained In a cheese cloth)

Condensed Milk 1 can

Liquid jaggery/mango pulp

Dry milk powder 2 packs / powdered khoya 3 cups



Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Please use either jaggery or mango pulp, as this is used to add the essence and flavor. Mixing the two flavors would not be advisable.

In a rectangular pan apply butter and pour in the mixture. It should be of thick consistency. If it is too watery or flowing, add more dry milk powder or khoya.

Bake for 1hour at 350⁰. Check after 30 minutes to see if the shondesh is setting.

Let it cool and then invert the dish on a tray. Cut in cubes. The Shondesh can be garnished with chopped nuts or dry fruits.

Enjoy every bite of this baked sweetness.

Baked Roshogolla


Rosogolla (homemade or store bought) 12

Condensed Milk 1 can

Milk ½ cup

Khoya / Dry milk powder 1 cup

Saffron strands few / Date jaggery liquefied ¼ cup


Squeeze out the excess syrup from the roshogollas. Place them side by side in a shallow baking bowl.

Mix the condensed milk, khoya/dry milk powder and the flavors in hot milk. Again, please add either the saffron or the jaggery. Remember that if you add jaggery, the condensed milk should be reduced by 1/5th part or the milk increased by 1/4th cup. If saffron is used a teaspoon of rose water can be added to give fragrance.

Pour the mix over the roshogollas. Cover them evenly.

Bake for 15-20 minutes at 375F.

The top should turn light brown. Take out the bowl and let it cool. Serve warm or chilled with a garnish of sliced nuts.

Hope these easy semi-homemade mistis will bring a smile of satisfaction for all of you.

©Anumita Chatterjee Roy

Photos by the author.

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