Locked with Lantern and a Good Luck

Reading Time: 11 minutesAtrayee tells us an intriguing story about a NGC team, caught in the Eritrean-Ethiopian conflict and a kidnapping. What happened to Twisha? Here’s a literary thriller, exclusively for Different Truths, for the Africa Special Issue. Is it night already? So soon! The trace of daylight that has been permeating through that precarious locked door suddenly […]

Genghis Khan: Lessons in Leadership

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe writer of the book, Genghis Khan, Sutapa, tells us about her book. Her scholarship and research makes it a must read for one and all. Here’s her critique of her work, in Different Truths. The world knows Genghis Khan as a tyrannical despot, annihilator of entire nations, barbaric slaughterer of millions. To a large […]

Tagore, Ray and Basu: The Broken Nest, Charulata, and Stories from Rabindranath Tagore

Reading Time: 6 minutesThere are many admirers of Satyajit Ray’s film, Charulata (1964), which is often seen as a retelling of the story of Rabindranath Tagore’s own time spent with his elder brother and his wife. To Nilakshi that is not only a reductive interpretation but also sheer belittling of the prodigious talent of Tagore in rendering the twists and […]

God of Everything Falls

Reading Time: 52 minutesAn intriguing fiction by Lovita, for the Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths. Love is these rays of being,                                Love is this readiness to begin. Few to love in concrete time. Please don’t hug! He would squeeze out his body from mine, defensively, protest like a coming of a revolution. He silently gazed at […]

Self-Love and Thomas Hardy: Torn between the Conflicting Claims of Body and Mind – III

Reading Time: 7 minutesRefined and ethereal—Jude calls her a “phantasmal, bodiless, creature” with hardly any “animal passion” — Sue arouses men mainly to reject them. Torn between the conflicting claims of body and mind, she sacrifices the integrity of both in a futile quest for self-absolution. The pattern of her behaviour suggests defiance, guilt, self-punishment, and abject submission. Here’s […]

Self-Love and Thomas Hardy: Parental Love in Jude the Obscure – II

Reading Time: 7 minutesEven though Jude and Sue live together without marrying, consequently suffering social ostracism, they are portrayed as loving, conscientious parents.  Jude’s decision to move elsewhere for employment prompts Sue to reaffirm her allegiance to Father Time. “But whatever we do, wherever we go, you won’t take him away from me, Jude dear? I could not let […]


Reading Time: 9 minutesBibi Amrit, fondly called Biji, doubled her thunderous output on realising that she had an opportunity to overpower Nasib, to show the train of mourners that a mother’s grief was heavier than a widow’s. She wept inconsolably, beating her chest wildly to gather sympathy as the most unfortunate survivor.  Preet, who had never expressed her […]

The Heart of Donna Rai: Police

Reading Time: 19 minutesHere’s the third and final part of the three-part book extract from the forthcoming novel, The Heart of Donna Rai by Sumita, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths.  We had barely finished our breakfast when the knocker on the door set in the high courtyard wall went rat-a-tat-tat fiercely. Everyone jumped. The knock […]

The Heart of Donna Rai: Fugitives – II

Reading Time: 9 minutesHere’s the second part of the three-part forthcoming novel, The Heart of Donna Rai by Sumita, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths.  1:00 am, Tuesday, 3rd June to 01:00 am, Saturday, 21st June 1975 I couldn’t sleep. My aunt’s latest attempt at weaving horror had knotted my intestines. Shutting eyes meant a full-colour rendition […]

The Heart of Donna Rai – I

Reading Time: 3 minutesHere’s a book extract from the forthcoming novel of Sumita, who writes under the penname ‘Shoam’. It is a coming of age story of a thirteen-year-old girl, set just before the Emergency, in 1975, based in a remote corner of Bengal. We serialise the first three chapters of the novel, in the weekly column. A Different […]