A Broken Earthen Pot

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A short story by Shlok, which was written during a Creative Writing Workshop that was conducted by our Editor-in-Chief, Arindam Roy, organised by Arz Hai. A Different Truths exclusive.

Banged on the ground. A puff of dust and a trailing thought, both flavoured with a bitter taste of helplessness, soared!

In spite of being a fighter, the situations for him were not favourable this time.  He was a character in himself with a “never say no” attitude and with lots of positivity.  Yet this time he was halted by destiny to the utmost of his own resistance.

It was the middle of the new academic session and like every young 10+2 student he was preparing for the IIT’s not only because he wanted to be an IITian but also because he wanted to live that college life. Filled with lots of energy and a very high competitive spirit he was always known for out of the box things ( whether it was taking PCMB just for the sake of attracting the girls of the schools or joining both GK Club and Sports Club at the same time as the Captain and Vice-Captain).

All set for the new life, he was dedicatedly and passionately revising everything in the course book and somehow readied himself for the entrance examination, which was during the coming week. Although his intention was similar to the other students to qualify IIT, his motto was to live that carefree and the youth life that is of an engineering hostel inmate.

Let’s introduce his name to the story and what happened next!

Banged on the ground. A puff of dust and a trailing thought, both flavoured with a bitter taste of helplessness, soared!

It was that earthen pot filled with the holy water of Ganga, which was suddenly smashed onto the ground, with tearful eyes of Raj. Like the broken pieces of that pot, he too was also emotionally torn apart. And scattered.

It was the day of his IIT paper and also the one that he would remember all his life as the gloomiest day. The day which turned him from a boy to a man, everything that he wanted suddenly converted into dark fantasies the only thing his mind now was his family. His mother, and his sister, who was a year older than him. Belonging to a middle-class family, led by his father, nothing was left in his life. As he stood on the banks of the Ganga, cremating his father with a burning log and red-hot eyes, from which salty tears flowed.

Raj reminisced, thinking of his father, who always gave that naughty support after he returned late and was scolded by his mummy, sneaking in that extra money in the trousers pocket of his school dress. And that internal feeling of freedom, of ability to do anything, anywhere, anytime had all vanished.

From glimmering eyes to a regimented life – the process was sudden, but the impact was long. Very long.

Could Raj gather and rebuild his life, which was scattered like a broken earthen pot? Well, that’s another story.

©Shlok Ranjan

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Shlok is a born artist. He is trained in a number of different skills like that of Animation, Web Designing, Photography, Video Making, along with being a poet and a sketch artist. He is an inspirational soul who finds his motivation from the energy in and around himself. An optimistic and colorful personality, his writing and work reflect his spirit clearly.