Colombia Is Now First Partner of NATO in Latin America: President Santos Accused of Disturbing Regional Stability

Colombia becomes NATO’s first global partner in Latin America. Those in other regions include Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, New Zealand, Japan, Mongolia, and South Korea. But planning for Colombia’s association with NATO apparently preceded that for the seven other nations. What are its ramifications? Here’s a report, for Different Truths. On May 25, 2018, Colombian President […]

Grenades Thrown and Shortages Borne

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman clarified that there’s no “scam in Rafale”. She also reiterated that those shouting “ammunition shortage” should be asking themselves. There was shortage before 2014. A report, for Different Truths. Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on June 6, 2018, for the ninth time, clarified that there’s no “scam in Rafale”. She also reiterated that […]

Capt. Devika: An Officer and a Lady, who Personified Courage

Maj. Gen. Raj recounts the true story of a brave lady doctor, Capt. Devika Gupta, and how she risked her life and limbs to save a wounded soldier. An engrossing anecdote, for Different Truths.  A true-life war zone incident of a lady doctor of the Indian Army, her story of grit and Hippocrates Oath that doctors […]

How We Returned from the Tunnel of Death!

The aircraft was fated for ditching, gliding straight along the channel south of the Cochin sailing club, the crew prepared for the SOP rehearsed live emergency and escape drills.  As the altimeter was winding down it appeared as if time compression was taking place. Slowly the aircraft was rounded off into the landing attitude, missing the fishing […]

A Story of Courage and Valour: Veer Madrassis Fought the Odds of Sub-zero Temperatures at Siachen

At Siachen, at 5 am, on February 3, 2016, the 400-ft-high, Bana ice-wall collapsed on the 10 Veer Madrassis of 19 Madras (including a nursing assistant). Led by Braveheart CO, Col Om Gurung, Maj Vipin Kumar and his team armed with avalanche experts, dogs, Xavar radars snow-cutters, and guts dug tunnels through tougher-than-steel ice slabs, […]

Braveheart Captain M.N. Mulla Chose the Dignity of Death over Dishonour

Braveheart Capt. Mahendra Nath Mulla MVC wilfully chose never to forsake his men; leave them behind when a torpedo fired from the Daphne-class Pakistani submarine PNS Hangor struck his ship, INS Khukri, sliding it to its final resting place, off the Kathiawar coast. Maj Gen Raj pays a tribute to the Braveheart, in Different Truths. When […]

Against all Odds: Showing Light Became the Mission of Jojo Blinded by a Missile

Cavalry officer Jojo was blinded by Cobra missile splinters in the 1965 Indo-Pak War. He overcame his challenges and devoted his life to empowering the differently abled people, says Maj. Gen. Raj, in this article, in Different Truth. Whenever I speak about Capt. J.K. ‘Chotu’ Sengupta (affectionately called ‘Jojo’ at home; ‘Chotu’ by peers) — […]

Lionhearted Raj Ahlawat

Maj Gen Raj gives us a feel of the Army life and pays tribute to his friend, philosopher, and guide, Lionhearted Raj Ahlawat, exclusively in Different Truths. What can you say about an iconic officer who died young at 70? That he was a sterling embodiment of an old world, true-blue Cavalier? That he was Mai-Baap to […]

The 1971-War Hero Commander B N Kavina VrC Passes Away in Australia

Commander Bahadur Nariman Kavina is the Navy officer we are talking about. As a husband, father, friend, boss and even stranger he was extraordinary, adoring, sensible, sensitive, wise, kind, charitable, adorable, considerate, and compassionate. Above all, this upright gentleman with a twinkle in his eye and an endearing smile on his lips was most unassuming […]