Thane-based CA murders 14 family members, commits suicide

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A Thane-based chartered accountant stabbed 14 members of his family to death and then committed suicide by hanging himself. A lone survivor, his sister, is undergoing treatment. Investigations are on.

A 35-year old chartered accountant, Hansil Warekar, stabbed 14 members of his family to death, after sedating them, and then committed suicide by hanging himself, in the wee hours of Sunday. The slain members include seven children, his wife, his three sisters and both his parents, according to the police.

The gruesome incident happened after a party, on Saturday night, at their double-storied Kasarwadavli residence, on Sunday. Most of his extended family stayed over after the party.

The joint commissioner of Thane Police, Ashutosh Dumbare, informed that the killings took place between 2am and 2.30am, on the interim night of Saturday-Sunday.

The alleged murderer, Hansil, killed his family, in the locked house, in their sleep. Thereafter, he hung himself. The murder weapon, a bloodstained knife, was found near his body. He was with his wife and two daughters in the first floor room, while his parents, and sisters with their children, were in the two rooms in the ground floor, according to prima facie evidence, Dumbare said.

Subia Bharmar, one of Hansil’s sisters, who survived the attack, yelled for help. Her in-laws in the neighbouring house heard her cries. They entered braking open the grill of a window in the ground floor of the locked house. Thereafter, the police was alerted, according to Dumbare.

Hansil had slit the upper part of the survivor’s throat. The only one to survive, Subia is undergoing treatment in a Thane hospital.

List of the deceased

List of the deceased

The police added that the motive and the exact cause that led to the carnage are still not clear. Apparently there was no trouble in the family that led to the mass murders. The survivor’s statement has been recorded. Investigations are underway, as per police sources.

Unconfirmed reports say that property dispute led to the mass murder of the family that was well known in the area. It has caused deep shock.

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