Designer Vaginas are in Vogue

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A new branch of medicine RVS – Reconstructive Vaginal Surgery has emerged in recent times. The one way in which this branch differs from other aspects of plastic surgery is that it has a dual role to play. Not only is it responsible for making the area aesthetically appealing but also improves sexual function. The designer vaginas are in demand. Here’s an insight into the new branch, by the Delhi-based gynaecologist, Dr. Amrinder, exclusively for Different Truths.

We all have a pair of eyes and ears, one nose and one mouth yet no two faces are the same. Most of us are satisfied with our looks but an increasing number are willing to go to any extent be it in term of pain, surgery, and expense to get them changed to their liking. Similarly ever since shaving of the pubic hair came into vogue more and more females and/or their partners are unhappy with the size and shape of their external genitalia and vagina. This has given birth to a new branch of medicine RVS – Reconstructive Vaginal Surgery. The one way in which this branch differs from other aspects of plastic surgery is that it has a dual role to play. Not only is it responsible for making the area aesthetically appealing but also improves sexual function. These surgeries can be performed by a gynecologist and/or a plastic surgeon. The commonest surgeries performed are:

  • Reduction of the labia minora, the inner lips of the vulva, in case they are too long. This causes friction and interferes with walking, intercourse and other day-to-day activities. It can also lead to hygiene problems and infection.
  • Tightening of a gaping vagina to enhance sexual pleasure. Childbirth causes trauma to the local tissues and disruption of fibers which lead to vaginal laxity. Mild cases may improve with Kegel’s exercises. Others can be remedied by surgery. Botox is coming up in a big way as a nonsurgical method of tightening the vagina but it is expensive and there is a need for repeated injections.
  • The clitoris, the seat of female orgasm is sometimes covered with an excessive overhanging skin called the clitoral hood that interferes with the exquisite sensation of sexual pleasure. This can be removed surgically. On the other extreme is an enlarged clitoris due to congenital causes that have to be reduced.
  • Sexually active unmarried girls often get their ‘virginity’ restored before marriage by reconstructive hymenal surgery for that is the demand in the marriage mart.
  • Stress incontinence – leakage of urine on coughing, sneezing laughing, while bending down or having sex, though causing no physical deformity, is a very embarrassing situation. These women have a faint smell of urine around them which make them withdraw more and more from social interaction till they end up becoming recluses when simple surgical procedure can correct the condition and restore their condition and self-esteem. There is no need whatsoever to suffer in silence.
  • Vaginal prolapse – again, repeated childbirth, advancing age, obesity, laxity of ligaments leads to the descent of the internal genital organs through the vaginal opening which is both aesthetically unappealing and functionally disabling leading to problems in urination, defecation, and sexual activity. A few young girls who have never had children also suffer from this problem due to an inherent weakness of their ligaments.  This too can be treated by vaginal surgery.
  • Thin outer lips, the labia majora can be enhanced by fat transplant; sponginess of the vagina can also be restored in a similar manner.
  • Difficulty in intercourse (dyspareunia) due to advancing age and depletion of hormones can be corrected by hormonal replacement therapy which is inserted vaginally to bypass the side effects of oral hormones in the postmenopausal age group.

So, as you can see, women need no longer suffer in silence. Reconstructive vaginal surgery has come up in a big way to address problems that were brushed under the carpet till now. It is important for them to know that their secret problems can usually be treated by simple surgical procedures. Everyone is entitled to a happy fulfilling life.

©Dr. Amrinder Bajaj

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Dr. Amrinder Kaur Bajaj is a practicing gynaecologist and the HOD Obs & Gynae at MAX Hospital Pitampura, Delhi. Writing is a passion that has led to the publication of two wellness books, a book of poems, a joke book, and a memoir based on her association with the noted Indian author and columnist Khushwant Singh. She regularly writes columns, articles, travelogues, and short stories for magazines and newspapers and has contributed chapters to medical text books.