Grace of Black Panther: Spirit, Self and the Shaman in the Mother Continent

Reading Time: 10 minutesIt is a source of boundless energy and power that an animal totem like the panther represents. Shamans of the world intuit that secret. Let us journey into the heart of Africa where that elemental vibration of life can be sensed by those who are ready to leave their mundane mind and its humdrum reality […]

Do the Lions Have Their Own Storytellers?

Reading Time: 17 minutesArindam, our Editor-in-Chief, talks about the ownership of the narrative of Africa, by its people, using the ‘lion’ metaphor, by Chinua Achebe. He tells us how he discovered Africa within him, during his formative years. Four insightful edits by the Africa Special Issue editors, Michele Baron, Luz María López, Olaitan Maryam Mojisola, and Swati Kumar, deepen […]

God Runs this Country: Trials and Tribulations of Filmmaking

Reading Time: 4 minutesThere is an opportunity in filmmaking. There is business. Earlier, it was more like prostitution (for women who wished to act in films). Film world was taboo. Things have changed. The government has recognised it and has given it the status of an industry. Banks give loans. The cine industry is no longer what it […]

Fire Raging Over Re-Admission of Accused Actor

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe newly elected Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (AMMA) president, actor Mohanlal, told actor Dileep, accused in a sexual assault case, to stop moping and start embracing AMMA once again like any good son should. That set many tongues wagging, some dripping acid against the “old men of Kerala cinema”. A report, for Different Truths. […]

Virat and Anushka Smitten by the Modi Bug

Reading Time: 4 minutesModi was the guest of honour at one of Virushka’s marriage receptions. That seems to have kind of left a halo around the heads of Virushka. Anushka became a Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan ambassador with photographs of her promoting open defecation free India with the image of a toilet in the background, nowhere like the Jacuzzi-equipped […]

Rajini and Kamal Cross Swords over Tuticorin

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe gloves are off between the two superstars, Rajini and Kamal. Politics has branded them apart and whose histrionics wins the day, and the state, is a topic of heated discussion in Amma Canteens and places of worship in all of Tamil Nadu with the gods listening, eavesdropping shamelessly on the conversation like mere mortals! […]

Reetwika Banerjee: Five Books, Three Films, 13 Awards makes her a Young Achiever

Reading Time: 8 minutesReetwika Banerjee, a columnist with Different Truths, is a young achiever. She has won 13 awards for her five books and three films. T Mukherjee interviews her, exclusively for Different Truths. TM: Tell us about yourself, Reetwika Banerjee. RB: I am a professional Cyber Security expert and I aim to be a face of women in […]

Casting Couch as Livelihood Provider: Bollywood Makes Song and Drama of Rape Culture

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe casting couch is just another piece of furniture that pretty girls aspiring to become Bollywood starlets should get familiar with in the prone position. The casting couch phobia should be cast aside because it provides livelihood and at least they (pretty girls) are not raped and left to fend for themselves. Here’s an insight […]

Big Boss Kamal and Dark Horse Rajini

Reading Time: 4 minutesWho is the dark horse – Kamal the Big Boss or Rajini the Kaala? The only ‘similar’ about Rajini and Kamal is that both are actor-turned-politicians. Superstars! Both have impressive fan followings. But the way they went about addressing their strengths made all the difference. Here’s an analysis, for Different Truths. Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth. […]