Made in China: Are we Funding a Brutal Regime by buying Chinese Products?

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One of the most important elements used to power the mobile phones – is found in abundance in a region, which China claims its own – Tibet! Post illegal occupation of Tibet, China has got access to the abundant natural that Tibet is known for and has been exploiting it like crazy for its own economic, political and strategic benefit. There has been a sharp increase in global warming and . The temperature in ‘Roof of the world’ is rising three times faster than the global average, which directly affects the ‘Third Pole’ – , which guards India for centuries. Eswar asks, are we digging our own graves by supporting and buying , which plunders the natural resources and human resources which are ? Every time we support by buying a product ‘Made in China’, we are helping the become one of the major players in the global , we are helping an , which has the second-largest defence budget. Here’s an insight into the ‘Made in China’ phenomena, in the weekly column, exclusively for .

I still remember the day I heard about ‘Made in China’ for the first time. I was studying MBA in Coimbatore and was travelling by bus around the city. I could see shops popping up displays ‘Made in China’. The products were colourful toys of different varieties and was , bundled and kept in buckets and baskets for people to grab in bulk. Certain shops had a heavy crowd because the products were very cheap in price and looked . The year was 2001.

In 2005, while in Botswana, Africa, walking down the lanes one could find many shops selling Chinese electronic items. That was the first time I was seeing people of Chinese origin. These shops sold latest Hollywood DVDs, electronic gadgets, and toys. They were everywhere – from car seats to toys to DVDs to electronic goods to imported car showrooms.

I was also shocked to see huge dogs being skinned in a truck by the Chinese traders, which was then cut and sold to their people.

Back home in 2006, I could see there was Chinese in everything. From artificial flowers to mats to Hindu idol and dolls. It was funny to see these wax coated idols – the eyes of the Hindu deities resembled the eyes of people of Chinese Origin!

Towards the end of 2008, I saw ‘Made in China’ phones for the first time. These phones came with advanced features and were very cheap. Initially, they came in various names, which often got mixed with popular brands, later one could see branded phones with heavy features, which would otherwise cost tens of thousands.

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The dumping of Chinese products have turned the Indian industry upside down changing consumer buying behaviour and traders forced to turn to selling Chinese products, some business houses forced to open their base in China. The products are often counterfeit – be it electronic items or coir products or even plastic rice! China is one of the victims of the counterfeit products. In the year 2001, low-quality medicines produced in China killed 1,92,000 people.1

Over the years there has been awareness against using Chinese products, mixed reviews and opinions, debates and demonstrations and recently patriotic flavour added to why one should boycott Chinese products.

Made in China products can be classified into three categories:2

  • Products Made in Forced Labour Camps
  • Products Manufactured by Chinese Military
  • Products Manufactured by the Disenfranchised Labour Force

It is estimated that more than one crore people work in the forced labour camps across China, which comprises mainly of political prisoners. It’s also highly ranked in the sale of organs of these prisoners, who are shot in public executions. They are shot at the back of the head since it does not contaminate the organs which are later sold in the international market.

When one buys a product ‘Made in China’, he or she is funding and promoting such a brutal regime.

It is to be noted that one of the most important elements used to power the mobile phones – Lithium is found in abundance in a region which China claims its own – Tibet! Post illegal occupation of Tibet, China has got access to the abundant natural resources that Tibet is known for and has been exploiting it like crazy for its own economic, political and strategic benefit. There has been a sharp increase in global warming and climate change. The temperature in ‘Roof of the world’ is rising three times3 faster than the global average, which directly affects the ‘Third Pole’ – Himalayas, which guards India for centuries.


Are we digging our own graves by supporting and buying products Made in China, which plunders the natural resources and human resources which are enslaved? Every time we support by buying a product ‘Made in China’, we are helping the nation become one of the major players in the global economy, we are helping an economy, which has the second largest defense budget4 . Every time we buy a product Made in China, we are helping China in increasing its military expenditure, which is at the moment USD 215 billion which amounts to 13 % of a share of world military expenditure!

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