Author: Uday Biradar

Lessons that Life Teaches

In India, we celebrated Teacher’s Day, on the first day of the week, on September 5, as a mark of respect to a teacher and former president Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan on his birthday. In this week’s article, Uday shares the lessons he learnt, as he looks forward to complete his 18th  year with General Electric, exclusively for Different […]

Lessons from the Borg

In a slightly different take this week, we look at some team dynamics and emotions that are part and parcel of a corporate team building products. We also consider how to drive negativity out so that we can use the passion and energy to achieve our goals. Uday reveals the intricacies of the team dynamics, in the weekly […]

The Internet of Things

What is the big deal behind the Internet of Things (IoT)? How is it revolutionising the way we live? What effect will have on our economy in the days to come? What to look for and how to be a part of the IoT revolution? Talking of businesses, McKinsey and Company estimates that the IoT has a total […]

Get Smarty!

Smart phones have become an extension of one’s hands of late and people are making use of technology to do various tasks quickly like paying bills, hailing taxis, checking in to flights or even checking bank balances. What are the side-effects of this intimate love affair with one’s smartphones and the thirst for remaining ever […]

The Dawn of Everipedia

Crowdsourcing comes with its own boons and banes. For one, the potential of having the world as your team and the diverse talent as your crew is awe-inspiring! Imagine the speed and the power at which the project will progress. All Open Source software projects operate with this power. So when Wikipedia applied this model to the goal […]

Is Maneka Gandhi’s Anti-troll Initiative Defensive?

The Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi launched an anti-trolling campaign for checking online harassment of women recently. There has been quite a bit of reaction from all quarters on this. Will it really be effective? Is it just a PR exercise? We will have to wait and watch. Uday takes a hard look […]