Author: Tapan Mozumdar


Reading Time: 5 minutesHere’s an interesting short story by Tapan, exclusively for Different Truths. The twenty-something driver of the Auto-rickshaw was cruising like he owned every inch of the road. Neera had left her office at Dickinson Road about twenty minutes back and had twenty-five minutes to reach Manyata Tech Park, as per Google Map, to bear this […]


Reading Time: 8 minutesHere’s an interesting fantasy fiction about the world of the spirits, by Tapan, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. I don’t know how much you are aware of the rules and regulations in the realm of the ether. Well, not really rules, these are more of codes, like the codes of honour. You […]

Waiting for Network…

Reading Time: 12 minutesThis week’s fantasy fiction by Tapan is an interesting sci-fi, with engrossing twists and turns, exclusively of Different Truths. “Will you call the verses I write my off-springs?” In times like this, Prajapati’s shining pate got sweat-beads precipitating, like a crown. “Poetry are not human, PP”, Vani always had a simple logic for the most […]

Raag Jhanjhavati

Reading Time: 11 minutesHere’s a story about Madhumalati’s marriage with musically illiterate Satish Mohan, who called her ‘Raaga Jhanjhavati’, given her temper and fuss. Through various twists and turns, they land in their daughter’s residence in Bangalore, as Satish was suffering from cancer. How did their moving in affect the marital life of their daughter? What happens to […]

A Hole in the Bag

Reading Time: 9 minutesAn intriguing story about the interconnectedness of a sling bag and its owner, Karthik. The surprise element of this fantasy fiction makes it enigmatic. Here’s the story, this week, by Bangalore-based Tapan, exclusively in Different Truths. Karthikeyan Vasudevan was making the shape of infinity with his toe on sand. He found it soothing to drag […]


Reading Time: 13 minutesA 25-year-old roadie, Nalin, meets a witch, Maya, an elderly widow. It’s a full moon night. Tapan takes us through many twists and turns, with sparks flying. Was Maya able to possess the young man? Find out more in this intriguing fantasy fiction, where ritual, rites, sex, desire, blood and more mix into a dangerous […]

Smarting v3.0

Reading Time: 11 minutesWhat would happen if a smart phone had emotions and a mind of its own? Here’s a fantasy fiction by Tapan, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. They were reaching him from everywhere. Late in the Indian night, may be early in the US morning, the first alert popped up. Arazone opened the […]

The Pebble Collector

Reading Time: 11 minutesHere’s an enigmatic fantasy fiction by Tapan. He unfolds the drama with a masterly touch. Read to know more, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. “Wow! Such a shiny red one!” exclaimed Tarun upon seeing the latest addition to the glass bowl that Devyani kept at her desk.  Devyani knew it was completely […]

What the Fish!

Reading Time: 7 minutesA fisherman, Gokul, catches a fish that can speak. The fish warps his reality. We are introducing a weekly new column, from this Sunday, Fantasy Fiction, by Bangalore-based Tapan, exclusively in Different Truths. Gokul shivered and woke up. It was third consecutive night, the same dream. The door knock – his opening the door – […]