Author: Sutapa Basu

Genghis Khan: Lessons in Leadership

The writer of the book, Genghis Khan, Sutapa, tells us about her book. Her scholarship and research makes it a must read for one and all. Here’s her critique of her work, in Different Truths. The world knows Genghis Khan as a tyrannical despot, annihilator of entire nations, barbaric slaughterer of millions. To a large […]

The Abode of Peace: A Nest Formed in the Universe

Badly in need of funds for his ashram, Tagore sought donations from abroad notably England and was dismayed to encounter the cool British snub. This was a fallout of his strong denouncements against the British imperialistic attitudes as well as his relinquishment of the knighthood. Yet the poet in him keenly empathised with the pain […]

Black Magic

With grit, faith and hard work, she built a whole new world for herself literally out of thin air. But when Jharna was attacked by the forces of Evil, will these means suffice or will she have to devise new weapons to combat them? Here’s Sutapa’s novella, as part of the Special Feature, exclusively on Different Truths. Rajat […]

Kaleidoscope 2017

An eminent writer, Sutapa, whose talked-about book is soaring the bestsellers charts tells us about her journey in the year that was. She also shares her review about some of the books she recommends, in the Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths. The year 2017 has been a watershed year for me. I have grown in many ways. […]

Ode to Devi Durga

Which Durga we should worship, asks a little girl. Sutapa pays tribute to the mortal Durga and the Goddess, in this verse, in Different Truths. ‘Durga Puja?’ My little Juhi asks And giggles, ‘Will we worship our Durga? She, who sweeps and swabs our home?’   I look at her five-year-old innocence And wonder… Is […]