Author: Sunila Khemchandani

Inverse World!

Here’s a nonsense verse by Sunila, where everything is topsy-turvy. Head and legs change positions and the heart inverse the blood flow, for Different Truths. Imagine the heart to inverse All the blood would go to your legs Blood would reach all organs deprived Everything would be reversed Legs would be head and head the legs […]

Trusted friend

The inner voice is no longer abstract. It has a persona and it lights up a cigarette, an interesting metaphor. Sunila verses about this ‘trusted friend’ in a fresh voice, for Different Truths. My inner voice lit a cigarette Smoke of which first seemed to suffocate Nay it awakened my meek senses Warned me to stay far […]

In November

An evocative poem about the winter knocking at the door by Sunila, rich in captivating imagery and brilliant metaphors, for Different Truths. No more hot air, just scents around Cool breeze rendering stress unbound If chill hurts new embers you’ll need Does Nov mean a new (novo) seed New embers assure warmth at home Chimneys dusted […]