Author: Santosh Bakaya

…And a Snake Slithered Under her Bed!

Reading Time: 3 minutesExams and sleep deprivation takes its toll on the youth, preparing for exams. In this imaginative daughter-mother dialogue, Santosh revisits her hassled daughter’s mind. Swamped with Dylan Thomas and Auden, her daughter dreamt of DH Lawrence’s snake slithering around, under her bed. An interesting account in Different Truths. “This Dylan Thomas and Auden have made my life […]


Reading Time: 2 minutesSantosh talks about the many shades and hues of a woman. Here’s her poem on World Poetry Day. Ah she comes, she comes, a song she hums Rising above the cacophony of war drums How she loves to change dresses and masks This fashionista deftly performing myriad tasks.   She is the arrow plummeting through the […]

When the Words Committed Harakiri

Reading Time: 2 minutesSantosh, in her humourous poem, tells us how words handle a writer. “They misuse us, abuse us Malappropriate us,” said words of every hue Confabulating in a word-conference Quivering with a passion intense.                                             […]

The Card Players

Reading Time: 5 minutesA renowned writer, Santosh vividly depicts a scene of a street corner in urban India. She presents a slice of vibrant throbbing life in paroxysm of emotions. In a surprise ending, she thanks Santa Claus, celebrating the spirit of Christmas. They were reminiscent of the card players of Paul Cezanne — the five bedraggled and grimy looking men […]