Author: Arindam Roy

Shall our Children Inherit a Future Replete with Shame, Molestation, Rape, and Murder?

Reading Time: 3 minutesEditor-in-Chief, Arindam, anguishes about the unsafe and insecure future that our children would inherit if we do not wake up to the growing crimes against children. He introduces the Special Feature, wherein Ratan Mani Lal and Vedatrayee Dutta take a hard look at this menace. He sees light in Tapati Sinha’s piece on Shantiniketan. Read […]

Holi: Unifying the Electoral Colours of Politics, Ribaldry and its Spread in the West

Reading Time: 5 minutesWith the trends and results of Assembly polls in five states in India, it’s celebration time for the winning parties and candidates in the largest democracy of the world. It’s also about the bawdy and ribald nature of the spring festival. And lastly, Arindam talks about the popularity and acceptance by Americans and others in […]