Author: Piyali Callahan

The Driving Force

Reading Time: 4 minutesPiyali works at a public library in a relatively diverse neighbourhood. The author sees the melting pot that America truly is, in the library, where immigrants from different countries come together to an English Conversation class to communicate with English speakers better, people of all colours come to create resumes and apply for jobs to better their lives and […]

Enigmatic Rome: Majestic Capitolini and Colosseum

Reading Time: 8 minutesRome with its grandeur and beauty inspires awe. The might of the Roman Empire is palpable as one walks through its streets. Here we present an extract from the travel diary of Piyali. She takes us through the city and we see its splendor through her eyes. Here’s a special feature of Different Truths on the World Heritage […]

How was your day?

Reading Time: 3 minutesPiyali reminisces a day in her life and a casual conversation with her 16-year-old daughter, while working in the kitchen. What appears as an apparent listless day suddenly becomes very meaningful. Here’s a personal essay, a candid glimpse into the author’s life. I am a part time library worker and full time mother of two. The days […]

Deprived Women need Action, not Empty Words!

Reading Time: 7 minutesMany women are accidentally fortunate to be born in families, where they do not need to battle for their daily breads and dignity. It’s an insult to the woman suffering day in day out to wish each other ‘Happy Women’s Day’ on social media. Piyali calls for meaningful action instead. Here’s her passionate appeal not only for the […]