Author: Nirmal Kumar Paudel

Bonded Labourers of Sarai walk tall, Wait for Emancipation

Nirmal documents the life in Sarai Village, in Varanasi district, which is now free of bonded labourers, due to the pro-active measures of PVCHR. During his recent visit, he found that they still have miles to walk. Though they walk tall, they are waiting for emancipation. A special report on bonded labour as part of the Different Truths […]

Oppressed Women in India and Nepal Must Stand Tall

Nirmal is in India for his youth exchange program between human rights organisation, Informal Sector service Centre (INSEC) Nepal and People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) India. He compares the plight of women in India and Nepal and feels that an environment for their emancipation must be created, in action, not words. Being close neighbours, India and […]

A day in a Madrasa

Nirmal, a human rights activist, had a firsthand experience of working in a Madrasa, in Varanasi. He recounts his experiences to Different Truths. In 2008, PVCHR worked with Madrasa to enhance their quality education. Madrasa is a religious education institute in which the Muslims ensure that children acquire the knowledge of Islam, along with skill-based knowledge. Madrasas are […]