Author: Neeti Banga

Skip the Superficial

Reading Time: 1 minuteIt’s time to realise if you are living or just existing? Have you met your creative side yet? This week I’m sharing with you a poem, which I hope, inspires you and gets you closer to what you really are! Here’s a poem by our Fashionista, Neeti, for Different Truths. Imagine a world without classy style Full […]

Green is the New Black: Be the Voice of Nature

Reading Time: 9 minutesOrganic clothing is not just for the elite, or fashionable or high-end clientele, but for everyone who recognises the need of sustainability, and appreciates the fact that eco-friendly clothing is best for the skin. Many brands today are offering a wide range of organic clothing from chic, trendy fashion to colourful ethnic, elegant sarees, to infant clothing. Everyone […]

A Cheesy Story: When Food Meets Fashion!

Reading Time: 9 minutesThe F-word takes new dimensions when food and fashion meet. Our Fashionista, Neeti, takes us through the interesting maze of food-fashion confluences. Her in-depth research narrative is in two parts. In the first section, she dwells on the direct inspiration of food on fashion. In the second part, she elucidates how fashion has influenced food. Here’s an interesting […]

This Durga Puja be the Goddess you are!

Reading Time: 10 minutesDurga Puja without Bengalis sounds so incomplete. It’s the Bengali community that adds additional flavour, style and zing to this auspicious puja with their exceptional vibrancy and colours! It is this beautiful festival for which every Bengali soul longs for the entire year. Annual traditions are followed, and this festival gives a chance to almost every Bengali to show their fashion […]

Attention! Fashion Police is Watching You!

Reading Time: 5 minutesAfter the many do’s, here are some don’ts. Our Fashionista, Neeti, alerts us about 12 Fashion faux pas. Often we accidentally commit these faux pas. She alerts us about the Fashion Police, adding that though she isn’t one, it’s better to play the game by the rule. And only when we have mastered all the rules, we would […]

Colour me Wild, says my Inner Child!

Reading Time: 5 minutesOur Fashion specialist, Neeti, takes us into the interesting childlike world of colour. She explains the inner meaning of myriad colours, thereby helping us connect with its very soul. Our columnist explains the enigma of colours, the life-force of the Fashion industry, in the weekly column, exclusively for Different Truths. Now that you all got the basics right, […]

Shady Grey Paints the Town Black!

Reading Time: 5 minutesNeeti speaks of two other colours, Black and Grey, after last week’s Whites. Dwelling on the colour Black, she reminds us, who can forget the Little Black Dress by Madame Coco Chanel, which revolutionised fashion? Audrey Hepburn, the famous Hollywood actress, epitomised this dress in her movies, looking so classy and elegant! Grey is the colour of compromise, it […]

For the Love of White

Reading Time: 4 minutesNeeti, our Fashion expert, tells us about White colour. In her scholarly and illuminating take on the subject, she says that in colour psychology, White is the colour of new beginnings, hopes and it literally means wiping the slate clean, so to speak. It is like a blank canvas, pure and stark, waiting to be […]

Why Hues do not lie and Tints do not cry? The Endless Shades of Fashion!

Reading Time: 5 minutesReplete with tongue-in- cheek humour, Neeti explains the colour fundas. She tells us, “No, no colours aren’t plotting against you, but yes, they definitely are a scheming lot!” Take a walk in the maze of the fashion world, with our Fashion Guru. She reveals the fundamentals of colours, in her weekly column this week, exclusively for Different Truths. […]

There is no Bias in Bias Cut: Deepening Fashion Terminologies

Reading Time: 5 minutesTake a guided tour with Neeti, our Fashion Guru, through the maze of fashion terminologies. She elucidates the fashion lingo in a fascinating way. Learn more about Pret-a- Porter, Haute Couture, Avante-Garde, Boho Chic, Grunge, Slumming, etc. Read and know more in her weekly column, Fashion Fundas, exclusively for Different Truths. Hello Fashionistas! It’s always a pleasure to […]