Author: Muddasir Ramzan

Fallen Life

Here’s a poignant short story, a sudden fiction, by Muddasir, dealing with the gloom of death, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. In a whirring euphoria of summer, a beautiful sunny morning falls on a bright-lit faced young man. He goes on a sojourn to the city. On the way, the lull in […]

Silent Love

Here’s a Sudden Fiction by Srinagar-based Muddasir. He talks of love and its futility between two people. Sudden Fiction is a kind of Flash Fiction in less than 1000 words. Read the engrossing short short-story, exclusively in Different Truths. Is life truly so callous? He would ask himself when her looks disturbed his dreams. He […]

Incredible Love

Here’s a Sudden Fiction by Srinagar-based Muddasir. He weaves the complexities of love between two people. We are introducing a regular column, Sudden Fiction*, exclusively in Different Truths.   1 They took wing as if they had been in a cage when they first met in the Valley of Death. Excited, the crazy tides of love […]

Vegetated Soul

Here’s an inward looking poem by Muddasir. The person we often seek is within us, says the young poet, in Different Truths. He, wearingly, unlocks a door to a room, Where his uncertainties, disquietudes, lures, and his understanding encounter. Their skirmishes made his head flounder. He turns to a book, Which stares him in return. He […]

What Then?

(After Yeats) An evocative poem by Muddasir  “He must grow a legendary man,” His chosen teachers thought at school. He spent his life according to a youthful plan. ‘What then?’ sang Nietzsche’s spirit. ‘What then?’ Everything he wrote was widely read. He won all – money and fame. ‘What then?’ He’s considered among the greatest […]