Author: Minesh Santani

Dare or Truth about Spot the Pataka!

Minesh reminisces about Diwali and is transported back to it. He opined during any Diwali make sure no one dares to spot you or stare at you in public and call you a “Pataka“. If so, show them how much fire this Pataka has. Dress up like a queen and never think that what if men and boys pass […]

Smoking Kills the Youth, their Dreams, Desires and Hopes!

A 14-year teenager, Minesh, opens our eyes to the grim dangers of smoking and chewing tobacco. In his passionate and emotional appeal, he calls for complete ban on the manufacture and sale of cigarettes and Zarda (tobacco for chewing). He spells out the dangers of tobacco, and appeals to his peers to think about the father and the […]