Author: Mary Kaye Huber

Do not breathe in Ragged Breaths

Reading Time: 1 minuteHere’s an evocative, spiritual poem by Mary, in Different Truths, that seeks answers from the soul for humanity. Do not breathe in life in ragged breaths as though your battle scars cloak you in darkness. For they are the light that beckons you from the depths of your humanity… Begging you to succumb to their […]

Plight of the Peacock

Reading Time: 8 minutesHere’s a modern fable about an old peacock and a three-legged dog – other than a Brahma bull and a king cobra. Mary beautifully explores how the peacock and the dog became friends. Layers of meaning are unravelled, in this story, exclusively in Different Truths. As the sun went down a peacock sat dozing on […]