Author: Lovita J. R. Morang

World Record Holder Anshu Jamsenpa, Queen of the Everest, the only Woman to Scale Mt. Everest Five Times

Anshu is a world record holder to have scaled Mt. Everest five times. The first Indian woman, she is rightly called the ‘Queen of the Everest’. She is also an acclaimed actress and celebrated model. Lovita profiles the young achiever, on the first anniversary of record holding feat, exclusively for Different Truths. Tsering Wange exchanged […]

Tagore in Love: Letters from Shillong, Khublei Shibun

It was in the month of May, Lovita was in Shillong with a sole sojourn to be there, where Tagore lived, 99 years ago (first time in 1919). She walked the aka-beka (winding) roads of Laithumukhra then walked uphill Laban. The pine trees are still there tall but older. Under whose shades walked the poet […]

God of Everything Falls

An intriguing fiction by Lovita, for the Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths. Love is these rays of being,                                Love is this readiness to begin. Few to love in concrete time. Please don’t hug! He would squeeze out his body from mine, defensively, protest like a coming of a revolution. He silently gazed at […]

Ten Shades of Forbidden Clay: Nishiddho Pallis

Lovita pays her homage to the goddesses, Durga, Kali and Laxhmi, as we worship the goddess of wealth, today. Here’s an intense poem, a social commentary, exclusively in Different Truths. In ten shades of clay, Why we cannot be the ten-handed Warrior Goddess? Who will become priest, potter, idol maker? When Demonic forces enter the […]