Author: Kunal Karan

World Environment Day Fact File: Life without Borders!

An erudite and in-depth research article by Kunal, as part of the special feature of Different Truths on the World Environment Day, with all what’s, when’s and why’s. The narrative tells us the theme of WED 2016, “Go Wild for Life.” Let’s respect life without borders and ensure that we do not cause environmental degradation and death of […]

How Green is my Earth, How Blue, the Sky!

Kunal celebrates the resplendent beauty of nature, its flora and fauna. His camera and pen sings rhapsody and serenades the enchanting beauty of Mother Earth. He traces the beginnings of the Earth Day and ends with a hope that is future perfect. Here’s Different Truths’ special feature on Earth Day. “I believe in God, only I spell […]

CO2 and Climate Change: No lies, just some Different Truths – II

    In the last and final part of the article, Kunal elucidates two other different truths about CO2 and Climate Change. He tells us about far reaching consequences wherein four of the nine cognitive abilities are adversely affected by increased levels of CO2. In part I of the article, we established the first different truth, i.e. […]

CO2 and Climate Change: No lies, just some Different Truths – I

In the first part of an indepth article on CO2 and Climate Change, Kunal explains phrases such as ‘global warming’ and ‘greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions’ that has entered the vocabulary of common man. He elucidates the three different truths that form the premise of his discussion on the subject. In this part, he outlines the brief history of global […]