Author: Dr. Krishna Hota

Do you Love God? – VII

Reading Time: 4 minutesFollow your heart. And if your heart takes you open-eyed to Him, why should you close your eyes? You can look at His glorious, illuminated beautiful face, His kind soft glittering eyes, feel His gracious love, and say, “O God! Please accept my Love. I Love you.” Listening to God is called “meditation”. As you […]

You Cannot Change your Fate – VI

Reading Time: 3 minutesAre we a puppet in the hand of Bhagya? We have nothing to do, except to execute whatever is written for us by Him? And we are helpless? It is not like that also; because you do not know what He has written for you, He may have given you multiple choices also, He may […]

Work is Yours, Result is reserved by Him – V

Reading Time: 3 minutesIn the fifth part of the Goodness Guide, Krishna says that God allows each one of the freedoms over all our actions, good or evil. The choice to choose the path that one seeks for is that of the individual. However, the results of all our karmas (deeds) are as per God’s will. Those awakened among us can […]

You can see God -IV

Reading Time: 3 minutesIt is obvious that you may not be able to see God, but He is always watching you! He is in His divine abode; still, He is watching you sitting in your inner conscience as Antaryami, He is seeing you sitting in inner spirit of your family and friends; He is watching you being with your neighbors, and […]

Why is Secularism Misunderstood in India?

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe political meaning of secularism is a separation of religion and state, popularly known as separation of the State power and the Church. Secularism is formed and adopted in western countries and America after a long debate, discussion and action of at least 400 years. In the starting, in the seventeenth century, it meant to transfer church properties […]

You are Awakening to Divinity – III

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe spiritual journey is not easy; as you get ready to your spiritual journey in your inner self you’ll face many challenges, especially from this materialistic life; many people who are not yet ready for this divine path will try to pull you back! Why? Because they want you to be with them, the way they enjoy the […]

Love Your Inner God! – II

Reading Time: 3 minutesYou must know that, whoever you are and whatever is your occupation, in your inner self a smiling tune always rings for you, that says: “I love you, dear child!” Yes, you are deeply loved by Iswar. You are loved by God, and you have all the rights to love God/ Ishwar/Allah as you may call Him. And […]

Do Good without Fear! – I

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe path to goodness is strewn with thorns. Krishna presents a seven-part series on the Goodness Guide, beginning this week. It needs more strength to do good than to do bad work. Unfortunately, in our society, there are more people united with narrow self-interests. They form solid networks, they stand together to defend themselves and attack good doers. […]

Srimad Bhagavat Gita Speaks of Universal Equality

Reading Time: 3 minutesLord Krishna spoke on unity and equality of all creations and all creatures of this universe. In Gita, there are numerous Shloka, especially 116 shlokas that clearly explains the equality of all beings. He says nothing is separated or alone, and everything is linked with each other; all are strung on Him just like gems are strung on […]

How Daily Worship Enhances our Personality!

Reading Time: 5 minutesDaily worship is a wonderful training of the body and mind. When a person communicates with God or the Supreme Being, (s)he connects with the inner self. Worship enhances and strengthens the personality. Krishna tells us about the rituals of worship and prayer, in this write-up, exclusively for Different Truths. Worship is universal. People of all religions and […]