Author: Farah Siddiqui M

Do not crush me

Farah talks about the cruelty of man against woman and how he crushes her. Oh’ brother! Just give me the word of honor That you’ll protect me against the evil performer The World is now full of chaos and gloominess I get unnerved when I amble in darkness. The fear to get trapped consistently stays […]

Child Molestation

Here’s a protest poem by Farah against child molestation. Oh Lord! Is this the World that you created? Where you yourself are not safe Where inoffensive offspring are markedly offended Where they can’t protest but are simply molested Sometimes children are not able to comprehend An inebriated kin’s glance that is lusty and adamant It’s […]

My Soul Twirls

Farah is pained by the poverty and squalor on streets. She voices it in this verse. My soul twirls and faces mistreatment Whenever I glimpse life, living on the street Patchy clothes, torn blankets, all alone in sight Looking dependent on cold-rainy shivering nights There is no hope but only blunt faces Faces with vagrant appearances and filthy traces Is this the […]