Author: Beyniaz Edulji

Earth Day: Man’s Inhuman Behaviour towards Animals

Reading Time: 6 minutesMankind is closely linked to flora and fauna. Domestic animals or pets have a deep connection with us, since the dawn of civilisation. Beyniaz showcases different religions have emphasised about kindness to animals and have decried cruelty in any form. Still there have been shocking incidents of cruelty against animals. Here’s Different Truths’ special feature on Earth Day. All […]

Jamshedi Navroze: Spring Equinox and Harvest Festival

Reading Time: 3 minutesBeyniaz tells us about Jamshedi Navroze, the Parsi New Year, tracing its antiquity. She discuses the tradition of the celebrations of the harvest festival in Parsi homes. Different Truths wishes its readers, world over, Happy Navroze. Jamshedi Navroze is celebrated by the Zoroastrians and all Iranis on March 21, the day of the Spring Equinox. […]

Parsis Worldwide Congregate at the First International Udvada Utsav

Reading Time: 5 minutesAll roads lead to Udvada Utsav, in Southern Gujarat, for the three-day International Udavada Utsav, from December 25 to 27, this year. Beyniaz reports from the first ever International festival of the Parsis. The first ever International Udvada Utsav, was held at Udvada, in Southern Gujarat, on December 25, 26 and 27, 2015. Zoroastrians from […]

Sunday Lunch in a Parsi Home

Reading Time: 5 minutesIf it’s Sunday, there’s Dhansak for lunch in a Parsi home. It’s so delicious that one keeps on eating it. No wonder, it became a part of tongue-in-cheek joke in a Parsi home, jibed at cricketers in Team India, in the past. Beyniaz treats us to a delicious Parsi Sunday lunch. In most Parsi homes, it is the […]