Author: Ashish Kumar Singh

An Art Exhibition Called From Creative Destruction to Destructive Creation!

Reading Time: 3 minutesAshish reviews an art exhibition currently on in New Delhi, till the end of this month, exclusively for Different Truths. Let’s talk about art. The question then comes how we should talk about art. A philosopher of Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai, Ravindran, used to give an example to his student while talking about how to […]

Why the Youth become Wasters, Goons and Henchmen of Politicians in UP?

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe total population of UP in the age group 15-24 years is 40,619,000, while the sex ratio is 871/1000; 82% in urban areas and 81% in rural areas are literate. A large number of the youth in the state remains unemployed. Craig Jeffrey’s book, Time Pass: Youth, Class, and Politics of Waiting in India, explores various activities of […]