Author: Anindita Bose

Puffing Thoughts

Here’s an intense love poem by Anindita, where she sets her lover free. A poignant verse, in Different Truths. I will not take the effort to reach back if you think others are important for your growth, you can trade towards them I have my own beliefs you might not know for they are quite […]

An Interval in the Search of Love

The turmoil, trail and tribulation of life of life rips us apart, at times. At those moments, we long for companionship. It was no different in the case of Anindita. A wish to break free from her own shadows and chains. Yes, living with others and building a community is vital but why can we not find solace […]

Today is Another Night!

Life is wondrous! We all deal with pain and losses. We hide feelings. We, like the author, often ponder if it would be possible for us to take the relationship to another level. Would she meet the right man is what she thinks? This is one of the most debatable topics among women these days. […]

Today is Love

Anindita writes about Amma, her soulmate. She deals with love and avoid. The person she loved is no more. Love lingers, with sadness. Here’s a personal journey of the writer, exclusively for Different Truths. flowers and fragrances of sweet memories walk around the shadows of moments once cherished love is a memory that lives each […]