Youngest DJ of India, Atom, Storms the Music World

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Life is a series of accidents, happy and unhappy. During my recent visit to Bangalore, I met Atom, the of ; sheer serendipity.  Atom, as the name suggests, is small but packed with power. Here’s an impromptu with Atom in a food court of a Bangalore mall by Anumita for .

My trip to Bangalore included meeting my family and some of my Facebook friends.

After making some arrangements to meet few of my friends in a nearby mall, I walked up to the food court. There seated in the center was my friend and her family. I greeted an old friend, who I was meeting for the first time in person. Seated across her was a little guy with his cap covering most of his face.

I smiled and took out the bag of chocolates I was carrying. His lips curved up and his head shot up. All of a sudden the food court was bright with this huge eyes smiling back at me. I got to make a new friend. I shook hands with him and told him that I got to know a few marvelous things about him and that I have web magazine. I asked him if he would mind giving me an interview.

He looked up at his father and smiled me a yes, as his father nodded. I whipped out my phone recorder and asked him if he was ready. The slightly built boy pulled his chair closer to the table and nodded. This was Atom, one of the youngest sensations in . The youngest DJ in India.

Born prematurely at six months, the doctor gave Atom about twenty-four hours. Against all odds, he survived and spent the next four weeks in NICU fighting for his dear life. He was like any other kid, but coming early into this world cost him a wee bit. He has a stomach condition that can’t be treated but that didn’t stop this pint-sized kid from becoming India’s Youngest DJ or popularly known by his fans as Younger Generation DJ. I have been friends with his family for awhile and wanted to see this little kid DJ who is taking up the music world by storm.

He had a special kind of energy around him. His fingers played on the side of the table as if he was going to get the table to produce music. I smiled and started my questions and he replied with the most maturity a boy of his age could muster.

How does it feel to be called the youngest DJ of India?

 Don’t call me that. I don’t want to be called anything.  I just want to play my music.


What would you like to be called as?

 Atom, call me Atom.


The next thing out of his mouth took me by surprise as he was the one asking me a question after looking around the food court.

Do you have a console?

 No, what is that?

 It’s a DJ machine. You can play music with that. Sometimes people don’t understand. Everything in that machine is very important. They tell me it doesn’t matter if one button not working. They tell me to adjust but it is not right and I can’t.

 Why do you like music?

His whole face lit up and it was the first time he looked at my face directly.

 I love music as it is a part of me. The beats follow me. My specialty is heavy beats and I don’t like to play same thing again and again. Sometimes it doesn’t work the way I have it in my head but it is ok, as I learn this way.

 Do you make music?

 I will do it soon. I have ideas. Now I do live mashups.

I noticed him tugging on his cap from time to time.

 Why do you like to wear cap?

 It helps me focus on the CDJ machine when I play. Afro Jack wears too. I want to be just like him with big hands so that I can do more things on jog wheel.

His big eyes were now looking at his own upturned palms and fingers.

 How is your health now?

 Sometimes I get stomach aches, but most of the time I am fine.

He added a big smile to prove his point.

 Was it exciting when you were allowed to follow your dream?

 On my first day I was made to beat count 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 for a long time.  I cried but I’m lucky my family is supportive and understanding. They decided not to send me to DJ class the following day. But I insisted on going but did not do any counting. Then on November 14, 2015, I performed at Blue Frog as the main artist for two hours and been doing so since.

 Where are you going to play next?

 Lots of places, but especially would love to play in Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival. And when that happens will come to meet you in the US.

His big smile ended my questions and we got some food to eat and chat with his family too.

This year April he celebrated his birthday at The Warehouse, Bangalore after performing

This year April he celebrated his birthday at The Warehouse, Bangalore after performing

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