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Anu Radha: Lady Behind the Documentary, A Little Poland in India

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Rupa profiles Anu Radha, the free spirited, award winning, documentary film maker, writer, producer, humanitarian, journalist, women’s rights activist and a leader. She rose against patriarchy. An exclusive for Different Truths.

“She floats like a butterfly, stings like a Bee” – is the famous Muhammed Ali quote, who gave up his slave name of Cassius Clay, epitomises the free spirited, award winning, documentary film maker, writer, producer, humanitarian, journalist, women’s rights activist and a leader – Anu Radha. Yes, that’s how she wants to be identified as “Anu Radha” sansa prefix, suffix or surname. “I removed surname legally and that is what reflects on my passport.  I dropped married and maiden surname to break every last shackle symbolising male domination,” says, lovely Anu Radha with her signature gregarious empowered laughter.

Her stirring story “A Little Poland in India” is her documentary to the world that captures kindness of one-man H. H. Maharaja Jam Saheb Digvijaysinhji Ranjitsinhji’s endeavor, who opened his heart and purse to shelter, protect and nurture about 1000 Polish children orphaned during WW-II.  She made the film with the surviving community that is well into 80’s and 90’s, who are still connected with the spirit, soil of the man that saved them when they feared extinction. 

Anu is a communications specialist based in Delhi who frequents Pune Osho ashram to reset and recharge. She is a free thinking, beautiful, highly intelligent, smart, independent, assertive, unique and breathtaking woman that knows herself. She is an only child born a rebel in a patriarchal family to well to do parents. Raised in a privileged setting, she learnt to be self-sufficient as, “freedom comes at a cost – both externally and internally for a woman,” she asserts. Attributing her achievements, path and life story to being open to receive Grace and a heart filled with gratitude, it is by no-design that she chose her creative journey. She is a natural poet, writer, storyteller with a burning zeal, passion, strong convictions that give her courage to stand against society at the cost of alienating many.

Anu’s intense depth digs deep inside to pour out poetry which is mostly private so far. She has worked at print media houses, TV, BBC WST, and used her personality, stand, opinions to take up causes of abused women, Sex-workers, children. She loves to travel, and opportunities came her way to meet that desire. Her confident style and approach got her access to cover celebrities for print media.

Her blog is an insight into her work, thinking process, vision, dreams and world.

She has been through school of hard knocks with rocky marriage, divorce, turbulent relationships and conflicts. She subscribes to stars, moon, roses, romantic love that is more heart than mind.

Anu Radha with son of Jam Saheb, H.H. ShatrushalyaSinhji of Jamnagar (Gujarat)

She believes her spiritual connection with the Late Maharajah of Jam Nagar is entwined with her creative journey. At the moment she is busy with a full length international feature film on the similar premise as her documentary. She feels, “the journey of Poles in India is much more beyond the Maharaja. It is a story that must be shared with the world and a future generation still struggling with refugee crisis.” It is a story of how India in its true definition of Vasudev Kutubhakum (one world) opened doors to strangers, in stark contrast to heart breaking refugee rejection, discrimination, separating children from parents against humanity, compassion and kindness.

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