Dr Rupa Mehta, Different Truth’s Agony Aunt

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We are happy to announce that Dr Rupa Mehta has consented to be one of the Agony Aunts of . She delivers therapy and other treatments to adult and adolescents with a wide range of emotional, behavioural, and : anxiety, , , and relationship, including . You may send your queries, on sexuality and sex related issues to her. This column will be in the Qs and Ans format. Please be in your approach and strictly avoid smut and sleaze. ~ Editor

Psychology requires analytical skills, but it’s also an evolving art and science. The most effective therapists must be open-minded enough to challenge previously held assumptions about human behavior and consider new theories as society changes. The human mind is highly complex and ever-changing, and psychologists must be equally adaptable to new findings in the field.

Dr. Rupa Mehta is a passionate practitioner in the field of clinical psychology who divides her time between clinical practice, training and consulting, and scholarly writing. In her clinical practice, she delivers therapy and other treatments to adult and adolescent clients with a wide range of emotional, behavioural, and adjustment problems, such as anxiety, stress, depression, and , including sexual problems.

She finds it gratifying to introduce clients to counselling. She has had the privilege of witnessing dramatic transformations in clients with depression, anxiety disorders, personality disorders and addictions. She is eager to apply her experience and expertise with clients as they begin to address issues that will help them to improve their quality of life and attain a sense of fulfillment.

Rupa received her with Honours from Mumbai University and her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Princeton University. Her previous academic positions include  Research Associate Princeton University,  Assistant Professor at Shivaji University, Kolhapur, and her previous clinical positions include Clinical Psychologist at The Mind and Health Center in Nagpur and later, in Mumbai.

She is a member of many professional organisations, including    Indian   Academy  of Applied Psychology (IAAP) Life Membership, Indian Journal of Personality & Clinical Studies. She is currently working on several book/writing contracts.

Rupa has excellent written and oral communication skills and can effectively communicate with diverse groups of people. She is very compassionate and can empathise with a patient’s pain and other difficulties. She is able to put patients at ease and make people feel comfortable as she is very and can inspire patients to confide in her and trust her with their problems.

We invite you, our readers, to use this resource for any counselling needs you may have. Write in your problems to Rupa, who will treat them with utmost professional , and will be very happy to interact with you via this webzine, Different Truths.

You may mark your query: ‘Kind. Attn. Dr Rupa Mehta’ and send it to different.truths2015@gmail.com.

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