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The Oppressor and the Oppressed

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Here’s poem by Sehar, in Different Truths that emerged following her recent conversations, in real and the virtual (read digital) spaces. She’s grateful to her teacher, Mamta Joshi, for this protest poem. 


As days pass by the question mark enlarges

Slowly it begins to take shape

The world keeps thinking …

Who is the oppressor?

Who is the oppressed?

While the shape turns into a demon

The world bleeds,

We dangle between the right and wrong

The demon begins to tighten the noose

Now, the shades of grey don’t seem to fit right anymore

The dawn looks distant,

As vengeance reigns high,

One gets burdened with pain and terror

The other fights with vengeance and terror

Days pass by, while the question mark enlarges day after day.



©Sehar Siddiqui

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