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  • Travelling the World in NYC: Conversations with Cab Drivers and Other Multi-Cultural Excursions

  • tea, salt, and teranga

  • Grace of Black Panther: Spirit, Self and the Shaman in the Mother Continent

  • The Path through the Forest to Our Soul

  • Greece Finally Ends its Bailout Phase: Many Questions Remain about Future of Economy

  • Eliminating Caste System, Communal Fascism, Patriarchy, and Neo-Liberalism: Does Neo-Dalit Movement Provide an Answer?

Travelling the World in NYC: Conversations with Cab Drivers and Other Multi-Cultural Excursions

Reading Time: 11 minutesThe interplay of different cultures – read multiculturalism – opens the horizons to a person, who is compassionate and deeply observant. As a Dance/Movement Therapist, nonverbal communication is the soul of communication for Johanna. Here’s an insightful exploration of Ghana, in New York, because of her housekeeper, Rose, and her conversations with cab drivers from […]

Growing Up in Wilderness: African Stories of Doris Lessing

Reading Time: 11 minutesDoris Lessing was born to British parents, Alfred Taylor and Maud Me Veigh, in 1919. After the First World War, her father migrated to Africa and purchased three thousand acres of land to do farming. Her parents, her isolated and lonely childhood influenced not only the themes in her fiction but also shaped her as […]

Black Women Celebrate Africanness: Identity, Rights, Culture and Gender Assertion

Reading Time: 16 minutesThe cultural values of the ancient Africanness handed over to their children by Black mothers, even when values disappeared in history and ideas turned moribund through generations of slavery and oppression, with minimum identity of diasporic narration. Fragmented families, rootlessness, broken tie of families, victimised by slave trade and later slavery are the experience. Dr. […]

Sojourner Truth, First Feminist to Assert Black Identity: Intersectionality and Truth

Reading Time: 8 minutesWhat Sojourner Truth may have been most famous for, not unlike the firebrand anarchist Emma Goldman, was her public speaking. Illiterate throughout her life, she nevertheless had a remarkable gift for language, and from 1840s onwards, went on several speaking tours with both women’s rights groups and abolitionists. In 1850, she also began speaking on […]

Confetti in a Storm

Reading Time: 4 minutesn intriguing story by Ismail that describes a day in the life of a poet. A Different Truths exclusive for the Special Feature on Africa. I’ve got to. Got to write it. Yes; the poem. It’s been on my mind for sometime: for quite a long time. I haven’t got any idea on how to […]

The End of all Arguments

Reading Time: 12 minutesThere was a culture hero who lived in what is today’s West Africa. He was especially well known and praised by the Ashanti People of Ghana. He was none other than the spider Ananse, the trickster, the master of all the stories of the world after he bought the stories from Nyame the sky god […]

tea, salt, and teranga

Reading Time: 8 minutesNot all salt harvesters are held in equal esteem. As in many economically-challenged zones across the world, outside Dakar, in the shallow basin of Senegal’s Lac Rose, salt workers labour under the unrelenting heat of the dry-season sun, earning a pittance compared to the sums received by the package-marketers of the salt they produce.  Children […]

Notes on Translating Poems of Ado Ahmad Gidan Dabino into English

Reading Time: 7 minutesEvery language has its own qualities, not only in the poetic or linguistic sense, but also in the manner in which through the uniqueness of that language, the speakers of the language interpret its history and express their reality. In translating a poet like Ado Ahmad Gidan Dabino, one has to be aware that he […]

The Music of Dionysus in Adaptation by Soyinka of the Bacchae and Mukta-dhara by Tagore

Reading Time: 12 minutesTirthankar’s interesting research paper focusses on Soyinka’s adaptation of The Bacchae of Euripides and seeks to reread this play alongside Mukta-dhara (‘Free Current’) by Tagore. The author of the famous poem on Africa in Bengali, in which the Indian poet resents the colonial oppression of the African people, Tagore did not live to witness the […]

The Challenges of Working in Africa

Reading Time: 4 minutesPreeyan tells us about the challenges of relocating to work abroad, particularly in Africa. He cautions that if you are moving to a country in Africa you expect what you see on TV, but for any country it is not the case. A Different Truths exclusive for the Special Issue on Africa. Your job can […]