Three Ways to Protect Yourself from Cold Weather

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Ritambhara tells us three ways to protect ourselves from the cold, in the weekly column, exclusively for .

During the winter season, the first and foremost line of defence is to dress in layers, wear a cap and wrap a scarf. Nearly half of the body heat is from the surface of the head and neck and so despite having a thick head of hair, we need to protect from the cold waves. Here are three ways how you should safeguard yourself from the chill.

# Protect Your Hands and Feet

You should choose to wear mittens or gloves to protect your fingers and keep them warm. Gloves are , but the mittens certainly have an edge. To keep your feet dry and warm wear socks. High cut socks with natural fibre liner wicks away moisture and keeps your feet warm. Before you put your socks on, remember to moisten your feet with a moisturiser to avoid developing cracks.

# Protect Your Skin and Lips

Use good body to keep your body from drying out. Use high-end lip balm to protect your lips from drying out and painful cracks from the cold and windy cold weather. Keep greasing your hands and lips at short intervals to maintain the required moisture levels.

# Protect From Dehydration

Drink plenty of water to keep your body well . We usually are of the opinion that we don’t require much water during winters as compared to summers. In fact, winter equally dehydrates in comparison to summers. Take a lot of fluids – juices, hot drinks as per your preferences. Try avoiding alcohol as it contributes to dehydration and causes the body to lose heat.

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