Three Reasons for Mental and Physical Well-Being Equally Important

Ritambhara tells us the three reasons of mental and physical well-being, the interdependence, depression, and suicides, in the weekly column, exclusively in Different Truths. 

Mental health is a level of psychological well-being or an absence of mental illness. It is the psychological state of someone, who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioural adjustment.

When our physical health is at stake, it’s clearly visible to others too and we don’t feel well and can easily get medical intervention. On the other hand, when our mental well-being is at stake, we are emotionally and psychologically vulnerable and need someone very close to help us seek medical intervention. Most of the times, mental health, and physical health are taken as different entities. For instance, a person with a broken arm and leg is exempted from presentations, whereas if the same person is under depression, anyone hardly notices and even if they, they do not take it seriously and the ailing person is expected to do the task on a regular note.

In fact, both mental and physical health are intertwined and the key to our good physique and emotional well-being lies in nutritious and balanced diet approach, which is vital for warding off mental and physical diseases.

Healthy Mind Inhabits in a Healthy Body and Vice Versa

It is astonishing to know that depression is one of the prime causes of disability across the globe as poor mental health can have dire consequences on our confidence, self-esteem, and physical well-being as well. Sadly, we overlook our mental well-being and lose our physical health as well in the process. On the other hand, a person who has a physical disability is prone to depression and they need constant motivation, keep themselves self-motivated to make the most of the beautiful life that has been bestowed by the Almighty.

Poor mental health can affect our self-esteem, confidence and our physical well-being. As they say, childhood memories have indelible imprints on our minds; one such incident engulfed my mind too. I remember a man, who had lost all his mental stability and was kept tied to a tree (because he used to attack people with whatever he could find in his hands) by his family members in the village. Physically, he was very strong and it required four men to keep him in control. Be it winter, summer or rainy season, he was kept under the tree tied to an animal – sad and sorry state indeed. He was sent to a mental asylum, from where he ran away attacking the caretakers.

Disability: Depression the Root Cause Worldwide

Depression has been reported as the root cause of disability across the globe. It is extremely sad to know that more than half of the adult population is suffering from this illness and unfortunately they seldom receive any help.  Regrettably, fewer people speak about this as it is still considered a stigma, people think it’s not a disease and refrain themselves from talking about their mental illness. The modern lifestyle is such that people don’t even know who their neighbours are and stay connected virtually with people thousands of miles away. We don’t interact with people around us and aloofness engrosses us. A depressed person is not able to perform his activities properly and at times it leads to suicidal tendencies. Depression has also been linked to heart disease and cancer.

Suicide is the Third Leading Cause of Death Worldwide

Suicide cases have been reported to be the third leading cause of deaths across the world. A person who is not mentally stable would try to commit suicide. The suicidal tendencies only arise in those who are mentally unfit or depressed, no matter how physically fit they are.

We need to keep our mental and physical health unscathed, in order to be healthy. Our minds and bodies are strongly bridged and they work in unison for a proper functioning of the body. Take a balanced diet, plenty of rest, join some sports activity, go for routine check-ups and tests and talk to your well-wishers around to keep yourselves mentally and physically fit.

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