Doctors: The Hands That Heal are not the Ones That Kill!

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A news is different from perceptions/rumour that is served as news by vested groups. Dr. Amrinder clears the fog about the five-month fetuses that were given by a hospital staff and not the pediatrician. No certificate was issued. The doctors have been at a receiving end since then. They are being publicly shamed and called names. Let us pause that think if the hands that heal are the ones that kill. Different Truths joins hands with the doctors. Readers, who have seen good doctors and those in the medical should take up this cause and raise the decibel so that the actual culprits are nabbed. Read and respond to this cause of advocacy, exclusively in Different Truths.

After spending years in the ‘noble’ profession and treating patients in an honest and compassionate manner to be called medical terrorists, medical vultures and medical mafia, to be subjected to public humiliation are more than any right-thinking person can bear.

Does the public think that they come to hospitals to buy immortality; that people are entitled to die anywhere else but in the hospital? It is as if fit and healthy people come here (not the sick and dying) and doctors are waiting with scalpels to slit their throats and pockets? I would like to ask them:

·         If doctors are unable to cure an occasional patient with dengue complications who allows dengue, and other vector-borne diseases to flourish?

·         If doctors are unable to revive the ‘brought dead’ after road traffic accidents, who allows speeding, the crossing of red lights, etc.? And what about the death traps called potholes?

·         What about the hundreds who die of air and water-borne diseases?

·         What about the media that sensationalises without verifying facts and who rush in to capitalise on the situation? Doctor bashing (physical and mental) has become a favourite past time for the press and public alike.

Those who accuse state of art facilities of exorbitant charges, try paying dhaba rates at five-star hotels. As for the ‘live’ baby given to relatives wrapped in a plastic bag let me clarify facts. First of all the ‘baby’ was a five months old non-viable fetus (that which cannot survive outside the womb in the best of nurseries) and the guidelines state that such a fetus should not be resuscitated for in the rare instance it does survive, it will do so with severe physical and mental disabilities. The relatives had been informed of the situation and their signatures were duly taken.

As for it rising from the dead, extremely premature fetuses can go into a state of suspended animation for a varying period of time before showing signs of life again, though they eventually do not survive. It is called Lazarus Syndrome, as Jesus was said to have brought a dead Lazarus back to life. Handing it to the relatives wrapped it in a plastic bag was unfortunate but it was done by a nurse, without the knowledge of the pediatrician, who hadn’t yet issued a death certificate. 

I am sure that by now all right-thinking people must have realised that the outrage against doctors and the hasty action taken against super-specialty hospitals in the NCR, is nothing but the illegitimate of a liaison between media hype and political mileage.

I assure you that we are still the same doctors who forgo our sleep, food, life to care of patients who have placed their trust in us and will continue doing so despite all the negativity that surrounds us. It is because the majority of satisfied patients who do not rise in our defense that while the occasional dissatisfied one is able to create a ruckus? Now is the time for all those who have benefited from their doctors’ care and advice to raise their voice in our support. Now is the time when our wounded hearts are bleeding, our dignity is being violated that we need your care. Now is the time dear friends join our campaign #ITrustMyDoctor to show your solidarity with us.

 ©Dr. Amrinder Kaur Bajaj
HOD MAX Multispecialty Centre Pitampura
Unit Head MAX Superspecialty Hospital Shalimar Bagh

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Dr. Amrinder Kaur Bajaj

Dr. Amrinder Kaur Bajaj

Dr. Amrinder Kaur Bajaj is a practicing gynaecologist and the HOD Obs & Gynae at MAX Hospital Pitampura, Delhi. Writing is a passion that has led to the publication of two wellness books, a book of poems, a joke book, and a memoir based on her association with the noted Indian author and columnist Khushwant Singh. She regularly writes columns, articles, travelogues, and short stories for magazines and newspapers and has contributed chapters to medical text books.
Dr. Amrinder Kaur Bajaj

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