Do Good without Fear! – I

The path to goodness is strewn with thorns. Krishna presents a seven-part series on the Goodness Guide, beginning this week. It needs more strength to do good than to do bad work. Unfortunately, in our society, there are more people united with narrow self-interests. They form solid networks, they stand together to defend themselves and attack good doers. Despite all this, we need to be calm, keep faith, get guidance from the Supreme Consciousness, and move on. Here’s the first part, exclusively for Different Truths.

If you love to do good work, do not expect anyone to appreciate you. Some people with sharp tongues would inflict and attack you with various physical and mental weapons to hit on you – to chop you, cut you, wound you, bleed you, and even to kill you. Most of the times, people who do good work are either suppressed or proven to be bad or driven to madness.

It needs more strength to do good than to do bad work. Unfortunately, in our society, there are more people united with narrow self-interests. They form solid networks, they stand together to defend themselves and attack good doers. You have seen many examples of it in the past and in the present days.

So if you do good works do not lose your mind by the continuous attack from opposition; just sit quiet and calm and surrender to your divine self, the Supreme Consciousness, who has ordered you to be good.

Do not be fearful, do not explain yourself to your attackers – they already know! But they do not want to recognise it. They condemn you to show they are better – you are nothing!!

Do not enter into a competition to prove your goodness, do not be in hurry to hit back or criticise them. They want to draw you in their game of blaming and criticising. Just leave them with their wishes and deeds and surrender to your divine self. This is different from ignoring them…you are not ignoring them, but you choose to give them time to work on their mental status, so that they may surrender to divine self and thus understand you better. This is not hate, this is love – this is compassion.

Truth is that all have the divine self in them, but they have covered it, blocked it and concealed it under strict arrogance. In long run, the divinity may arise in them too and ask them questions – all the questions that you want to ask them today.

Good people are not rare. In the world, most of the people are good, but they are so much suppressed by a handful of evil-doers that it seems that the numbers of good doers are very less! Good doers are sharply criticised, cruelly tortured, physically and mentally, and as a result, they often become anxious and depressed; many commit suicide, others lose mental balance, while some others are killed. Quite a few are so traumatised that they stop doing good and convert into evil doers.

Only a few people, who are steady in their way of doing good are ultimately known and recognised by all as great human beings.

So do not be angry or frustrated, if you are not understood or recognised today, do not lose your sense and patience. If you know you are in a right work, doing something good – just take a deep breath and simply continue in your way, with full strength. Move ahead with confidence. The Supreme Consciousness is guiding you and you need not bother for bitter and sour criticisms, or the insults thrown at you by others.

©Krishna Hota

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