My Tribute to a Statesman.

Reading Time: 1 minuteThe poet-statesman, former Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee passed away today (Aug 16). On behalf of Different Truths, Basudeb pays him a poetic tribute. We, with people all around the world, pray that he may RIP. I invoke the MuseTo empower Atal ji to outlive evenAfter his crossing the horizon.And to make him an institution […]

Sir VS Naipaul: A Literary Giant; an Apparent Bundle of Contradictions

Reading Time: 5 minutesSir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul was a very misunderstood character and the interesting part is that he never made any effort to erase that misunderstanding wither through his writings or his personal life. He could be disarmingly charming, but for that to happen, the other person would have to make an effort to see what was […]

Cosmic Drama: Views of Tagore on Death

Reading Time: 3 minutesOn the 77th death anniversary of the Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, Ruchira talks about the Bard’s views on death. A tribute to the poet, from all of us at Different Truths. An exclusive Special Feature. On 8th August 1941 (22nd Shravana, 1348) the radiant sun of India’s (read Bengali) literary domain was eclipsed forever by dense and […]

Remembering Eunice de Souza

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe strength of Eunice de Souza’s poems is in its economy and realism. She spread her literary imagination from one subject to another and produced substantial poetry, which travelled from the pages of books to various university syllabi. A report on the tribute paid to the poet, recently in Allahabad, exclusively for Different Truths. Poetry […]

Marx Was a Great Scholar in Mathematics, Linguistics

Reading Time: 6 minutesPerhaps very few Marxists and admirers of Marx know that Marx’s contributions were not at all limited to economics and politics. Mathematics apart, his notes, manuscripts, and correspondences cover chemistry, geology, ethnology and even linguistics inter alia. Those studies are of great relevance to the so-called ‘peripheral economies’ like India and its neighbouring countries. A […]

One Less Ma

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe trials and tribulations of staying far away from homeland are many. Our Managing Editor, Anumita, shares the grief of losing one of her Mas (mothers). Here’s her soulful tribute to all her Mas and her departed Mejoma, as Mother’s Day Special, exclusively for Different Truths. Last week, my call lasted for 10 minutes and […]

The Making of my Mother

Reading Time: 4 minutesNanditaa recalls her time with her mother. She perhaps realised the meaning of motherhood when she became one. An inward-looking, reflective piece, as Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths. It is nine months now since my beloved mother left for her heavenly abode – the same time that she had carried me in her womb. […]

Marxism has to be Scientifically Applied in India

Reading Time: 6 minutesKarl Marx was a great scientific thinker, yet there are some pseudo-intellectuals who have distorted Marxism. They have written books to prove that Marxism is no more relevant in the contemporary world. Their main aim is to continue with the status quo and serve the existing bourgeois society. Here’s a tribute, for Different Truths. Karl […]

Tagore and Bangladesh

Reading Time: 6 minutesHad there been no stay in East Bengal, Tagore would have been a split soul – a divided personality. A complete and undivided Tagore is that Tagore who is made up of the combination of Calcutta and East Bengal, now Bangladesh. Tagore, however, considered Calcutta and East Bengal as one and the same country—two opposite […]

Organic Sensibility of Tagore

Reading Time: 7 minutesBina tells us about the love of Nature in Tagore and compares it with Wordsworth. Nature was organic to both these poets. Here’s an interesting insight, as part of the Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths. It seems the poetic growth for Wordsworth and Tagore started looking at an ordinary commonplace scene in Nature with […]