Terror Attack

Active Shooter in OSU (Ohio State University) Campus

Ohio State University (OSU), one of the largest campuses in the US, with 65,000 students, is in a state of lockdown. Two active shooters had reportedly broken into the campus, at 9.38am. An alarm was pulled. The fire tenders rushed and soon the law enforcement, with FBI and dog squads were pressed. A police helicopter has […]

The Date 9/11/2001: America Strong and Resolute after the Terror Attack

Anumita recalls the fright, panic and immense sadness of 9/11. Terror attack on the Twin Towers did not just kill people, it killed a part of every person, in America and elsewhere. It has been 15 years. But, the wound bleeds and the hurt is raw. Despite the immense pain and grief, America emerged strong […]

Another Florida Mass Shootout in Club Blu Leaves Two Dead and 17 Wounded

A second mass shootout in a nightclub in Florida, barely a month later, that was hosting a party for the teenagers, left two dead and 17 wounded. As many as 30 gunshots were heard by a woman barely two blocks away from the nightclub. She guesstimated that there might have been more than one gunman. […]

White House Lockdown Lifted: Suspect shot, in Custody

In a scary incident, a male suspect brandished a weapon and allegedly fired gunshots just outside the north entrance of the White House, which was immediately put under lockdown. The Secret Service shot in his abdomen. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and is in custody. later, the lockdown was lifted, security […]