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  • Gandhian Nonviolence Inspired Martin Luther King Jr for Redemption of Afro-Americans

  • Genes and Identity: Genetic Finger Printing, Crime and Racism – I

  • Is India a Nanny State?

  • Is it a Dark New Year for the Diego Garcians? Will they get back their Land?

  • The Cultural Hegemony of Orientalism and India

  • The Mystery and the Return from the Comatose State: A Near-death Experience!

  • Is the Enigmatic Jayalalithaa India’s Eva Peron?

  • The Right to Life, Liberty and Security: Has India Failed to keep its Human Rights Obligations?

  • From Ammu to Amma: The Iron Lady of Unique Mettle of Tamilnadu

  • Swigging Champagne and Spouting Socialism

  • Why were the Wolves Exterminated in Great Britain and the British Colonies?

  • Wilma Casal: From Dance, to Healing, to Dance

The Guilt Train Ride

Beginning this Monday, we introduce a new column, ‘Mother Writes’. It’s a parenting column, from a mother’s perspective. You may be an expecting mother, a new mother, a seasoned mother or a mother who has adopted a child. Motherhood is not restricted to biological or adopted, it also includes grandmothers and aunts. Tell us about […]

Intense Workout for the Back with Asanas

  Our Yoga expert, Navodita, tells us about two asanas. Kapota Asana tones up the entire spinal region as the blood is made to circulate well around the spinal column. Since the pelvic region is stretched, the genital organs keep healthy. The diaphragm is lifted up and this massages the heart gently and helps to strengthen it. The […]

Bihar Education Budget: High on Inclusion, Low on Per-Student Spending

With one-fifth of its state budget earmarked for school education and allocating provisions for the most marginalised children, Bihar has shown positive intent, while the state lags behind in per-student spending and school infrastructure, as revealed by a recent study done by CRY and CBGA. Here’s a report. Even though having allocated close to one-fifth of the total […]

Despite Hearing Disability Kadar ekes out a Living Selling Socks

Life is not easy for 61-year old Kadar. Though he is neither sad nor depressed, asking about his hearing disability is a delicate task. He lost his hearing ability at around six years, when his father had slapped him hard. He avoided his father for the rest of his life. He had a shop in Burma Bazar for […]

Gandhian Nonviolence Inspired Martin Luther King Jr for Redemption of Afro-Americans

Ashoka pays a personal tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., one of his teenage icons, on his 88th birthday, on Sunday (Jan 15). He was presented to the Indian people as a ‘Negro Gandhian’, who was propagating Gandhian ideology amongst the blacks in the United States. The writer says, “Like all impressionable teenagers of my generation, I also fantasised […]

Lotus Island with G Strings, Major and Minor

The El Dorado and Rome of the East, Goa was the portal of golden dreams where, Lisbon floated Azure aspirations harbouring adventurous vessels that anchored in the Arabian Sea. The Portuguese have left their flavour in the Konkan coast since the 16th century. Portuguese cuisine, music, seafaring tendencies, a camaraderie of the Mediterranean and a distinct mélange of the ethnic […]

Believe it or not, the Bible Verses about Food!

Unusual though it may sound, it was the Holy Bible that inspired Cholena to cook. She found it to be a rich repertoire of recipes. She was intrigued by everything that was connected to food in the Bible. The first recipe she read was also from The Bible. Whether it was the delicious hearty stew known as “Esau’s […]

Indian Spice in Moscow: Love and Time

Jeeva opened his first spice market in Moscow over fourteen years ago, when he was a student importing bags of curry and turmeric in his luggage. The spices he imported and sold were known to foreign diplomats, some of his first and most loyal customers, desperate for a taste of home in a country where many foods are […]

Do Good without Fear! – I

The path to goodness is strewn with thorns. Krishna presents a seven-part series on the Goodness Guide, beginning this week. It needs more strength to do good than to do bad work. Unfortunately, in our society, there are more people united with narrow self-interests. They form solid networks, they stand together to defend themselves and attack good doers. […]

Rape, Secrets of the Virtual World dealt with in the Woman-centric Novel of Sujata

The novel, The Other End of the Corridor, by Sujata Rajpal, has a free flowing story line, with plots and sub-plots blending seamlessly. Changes happen, relationships changes, relationships crashes but these all happen slowly and not in a day. Leela, the protagonist, has a secret. Her virtual life provides her with hope and a sense of adventure. It […]

I Wanna

A soulful love poem by Maya, for Different Truths. I wanna kick up the heels!  I wanna have full moon nights with You my love.  I wanna have some soul-stirring music  singing lullaby to us.  I wanna flower and ripple with the virgour of passion.  I wanna have crackling bonfires.  Solitary walks.  Long drives.  Gypsy […]

Yummy and Finger-licking Chocolate Brownies add to the Festivities!

In India, people celebrate Christmas and New Year in different ways. It is an international festival and celebrated globally, almost the same way. But, India is unique in many ways, much like our celebrations. Christians from different parts of India add their classical flovours to the festivity. Enliven your festivities with finger-licking, yummy chocolate brownies, the perfect dessert. Sarika shares […]

Home Remedies to Remove Sun Spots

Sun spots or liver spots are caused by the UV rays of the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sunlight without a sunscreen on causes such spots to occur. This is common with light skinned people. As light skin have less melanin and excess production of melanin in concentrated areas cause darkening or smudges that appear as spots on […]

The Old Lady

Here’s an enigmatic portrayal of an old lady by Monika, for Different Truths. Her eyes, like an ocean calm and composed One could sense them, carry all the pain, that the whole world holds. They clearly flaunted her weakness, her fears and the huge storm of those uncried tears. Keeping aside All that she held […]

Types of Caregivers for the Elderly

The number of old age people have increased phenomenally, in India. Children and family members stay in different cities or countries, thousands of kilometres apart. It’s at such times that caregivers come into the picture. There are many types of caregivers that work with seniors. If you have an ageing parent, being aware of their roles and responsibilities […]

How Internet, the New Age Therapist, is making the World More Vocal!

Before the Internet made its impact, people were wary of communicating openly but for a few extroverts (as they were called). It was tough to get people to speak their minds with ease and comfort. The fear of speaking in the presence of people made communication all the more difficult. People would send greeting cards or probably […]

Tales from Srimad Bhagavatam: Dhruvah-tara – VIII

Once Dhruvah saw his step-brother, Uttamah, play with the king. The five-year-old Dhruvah wished the same and approached Uttanpadah. His stepmother, Suruchi, shooed him away. Hurt, Dhruvah, asked his mother why he should be treated this way. Suniti smiled sadly, “It is my misfortune. Because you are my son, the misfortune is extended towards you too. But we should not […]

Genes and Identity: Genetic Finger Printing, Crime and Racism – I

Genetic fingerprinting is now considered remarkably reliable. One little-noticed effect was on the law-enforcement system. The FBI now has an enormous data bank containing DNA profiles of certain neighbourhoods. If you come from a neighbourhood where crime is common (in fact, as opposed to local folklore), the FBI knows an awful lot about your neighbours’ genomes and, by statistical […]

Butter Chicken: The Emperor of Salivating Gluttons

The fascinating journey of Butter Chicken can be traced to a tiny eatery in the old city of Delhi. It rose to international acclaim and to being the staple dish of Indian restaurants both in India and the world, from truly humble beginnings. The real story of its origin shows that this yummilicious gastronomic delight was hit upon […]

On my Darling’s Cheekbones

A love poem by Martins, where he likens her sensuousness to the intoxication of Palm-wine, for Different Truths. I see on her cream, fleshy cheekbones a pellucid colour glimmers like of a pink rose that harmonise with her lips. I see in her a full moon love which pops up in the welkin. Her love flicking in the […]

Can the Cashless Economy Eradicate Corruption?

After six decades, Indian economy is pledged to be cashless in market transactions. One needs to ponder and have exhaustive market/household surveys what went right or wrong in that direction. A sizeable section of the population, obviously at the bottom of the economy, continue to practice not only barter-based exchange of self-produced goods but also share home-grown vegetables outside […]

Losar: Tibetan New Year

The history of Losar dates back to the pre-Buddhism era of Tibet. Bon religion was widely practiced in Tibet before the advent of Buddhism in Tibet. During the winter season, it was a spiritual practice to burn large quantities of incense sticks to appease the local spirits, deities, and protectors. This tradition continued after the advent of Buddhism in […]

Akashganga: Trails of Stardust and Swirling Black Holes – XIII

Members of Akashganga moved on to multi-tasking and become a lean mean fighting machine. Sport and military parachuting complemented each other. But, behind all of these unique achievements paradoxically, an equally important conflict raged on. The ‘sporty’ blitzkrieg led by the imaginative daring of Thapar, a veritable ‘one-man- Army’ from the House of Adventure was a frontal, daylight assault […]

Traditional Architecture: A Timeless Treasure

Traditional architecture is linked to vernacular architecture – the architectural style which takes into account local needs and locally available building materials. Traditional architecture addresses the problems of a confined climate, definitive of a particular area. That is why different regions of the country house different traditional practices. Traditional architecture is always sustainable. With growing demand of resources and […]

Backbend Asanas for Agility, Improved Body Postures and Stress Busting

Backbends is a Herculean task as it requires certain amount of agility to the body and the back, of course. However, it is full of benefits – correcting rounded shoulders being one, increasing mobility of the spine, improving posture in general and boosting the mind and relieving the stress. Navodita tells us the benefits of four asanas: Bhujanga […]

Broken and Lonely, Raju, the Vegetable Seller, Loves Crows

Thirty-six-year-old Raju, a vegetable seller, is lonely and broken. He was blamed for theft by his cousin, who was later caught red–handed, and lost his job. His wife was poisoned by his sister-in- law and she left him. He tries hard to make both ends meet, caring for his aged father. He wishes a child to call him […]

Is India a Nanny State?

Wasn’t the regime’s eye on the people now a little too intrusive? Weren’t all these directives –some unofficial no doubt – akin to impinging on personal choices and personal freedom? Could anyone in authority force us to think or behave in any particular one way, even if it’s supposedly for our good? Did they have the right? Were […]

True Crime Story: When Marriages are made in Hell!

Arindam shares a true crime story that he had witnessed closely during his stay in Bombay, in the mid-1980s. Trusting and gullible men were enticed and trapped in marriages. Within a few months, they were looted. It is necessary that we crosscheck and verify about a person’s antecedents before we decide to marry that person, especially in these […]


A sensuous poem of passion and love by Monika, for Different Truths. Strip me naked of my guard Accept me as a retard Look me in the eyes in silence Beckon me into forever dalliance Don’t be afraid to cry, burn I promise I’ll take the next turn Let’s undress in calm movements Let’s take […]

Lone Gunman kills 5, injures 13 at Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International Airport

There is panic and fear among hundreds of passengers at the Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood International Airport, as a gunman shot and killed 5 people and injured 13 before he nabbed by the police officers. The motive of the shootout is still not clear. A report.  It was frightening Friday at Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood […]