Special Needs


Reading Time: 7 minutesA poignant story about a girl in the ASD spectrum. It unfolds the struggle of a single mother and Yashika, their trials and tribulations, and finally recognition, as Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths.  It was Sunday. A small get together was planned by Lalita at her house. Relatives and friends were enjoying the grub […]

A Child Lost in his Special World

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe pain and agony of a mother of an Autistic child, crushed by the pressures of her life, takes a grim toll. Tapati recounts a heart-wrenching account, based on a real-life incident, in the Special Feature, Exclusively for Different Truths.  The young child was playing with crayons spread around. Mindlessly he would pick up one […]

In Pursuit of a Normal Life

Reading Time: 8 minutesAnjali shares the trials and tribulations of being a mother of a Special Needs child, diagnosed with ASD, with her diary, in this short story. She’s dismayed that even the NCR does not have proper schools for such children. An exclusive for the Special Feature, for Different Truths. Dear Diary, The month is February. They […]

A Weed of Mine

Reading Time: 7 minutesAtrayee fictionalises a real-life experience about how an autistic child chose her, tugging on to the pallu of her saree. The paroxysms of emotions and his acceptance make him bloom. Read more in the Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths. ‘Let me sow the seed and water it. Let it sprout first. Who knows, the […]

The Intersection between the World Famous Books and the Picture Books

Reading Time: 12 minutesReading a picture book is the interests and pastimes of many modern people. In the picture book world, the pictures are used as its compositions and colours, to show the characteristics of the protagonist, highlight the plot of the story. The texts are used to emphasise vocabulary and organisation, to throughout the development of the […]

Number One

Reading Time: 6 minutesDr. Tzemin portrays the binaries of life of an ASD child, his coming of age, and his later life, in this short story, for the Special Feature. A Different Truths exclusive.    It all starts with Asperger’s syndrome. I grew up in Yuxiang Township, Pingtung County, a small fishing village, named Beishi. When I was very […]

Life is Divine

Reading Time: 3 minutesAn intense story that shows the power of love by Nancy, for the Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths. Some stories encourage and build stamina. Some stories touch and heal. Yet, some stories break hearts and forever refuse to be forgotten. This is one such story. The story of a love so intense, the story […]

God of Everything Falls

Reading Time: 52 minutesAn intriguing fiction by Lovita, for the Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths. Love is these rays of being,                                Love is this readiness to begin. Few to love in concrete time. Please don’t hug! He would squeeze out his body from mine, defensively, protest like a coming of a revolution. He silently gazed at […]

What are Learning Disabilities?

Reading Time: 22 minutesThe learning disability category has become the fastest-growing category within special education. In the past decade, the number of children identified by the schools as learning-disabled has risen from one percent of the school-age population to 5 percent. Funds spent on special education services for learning-disabled children have increased from five percent of funds distributed […]

the studio

Reading Time: 12 minutesA poignant story by Michele, concerning neurodiversity, for the Special Feature, exclusively for Different Truths. “When I am not prepping or playing a concert, or teaching, I paint,” he said, looking at me through those oversized, dark-rimmed glasses. “I paint, I play the piano, I write songs. Life goes on, and if you don’t grab […]